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The first image of Patrick Swayze is usually not one of a badass. We usually think of him twirling in some amazing dance moves – which is in fact how he got started in entertainment. Born and raised in Houston, Patrick took to dancing early and his first professional role was as Prince Charming with Disney on Parade. He made his film debut in 1979’s “Skatetown, U.S.A.” alongside Scott Baio. He’s part of the talented young cast of “The Outsiders” and thanks to its critical and commercial success, Hollywood began calling quite often for The Swayze.

As he matured on camera, he became one of the premiere action heroes of the 1980s. While not of the Schwarzenegger/Stallone/Seagal camp, Patrick made his own mark with outings such as “Steel Dawn” and “Road House.” At the same time, Patrick proved his versatility in independent dramas, as well as showcasing his true talent: dancing. As Johnny Castle in “Dirty Dancing,” Patrick established a following and a growing legacy. His crowning achievement of the era is “Ghost.”

He slowed down a bit in the next two decades, shrugging off lucrative offers and refusing to repeat himself. In doing so, he may have surrendered some of the spotlight, yet he’s appeared in so many different kinds of movies his career is all the more interesting because of it. Who but Patrick Swayze can go from a supporting part in “Donnie Darko,” to being part of the TV movie “George and the Dragon,” to Allan Quatermain searching for King Solomon’s mines? He’s still yearning to have his hand in more musicals – and to fulfill his promise to the late Gene Kelly that he would remake the dancing legend’s “An American in Paris.” The fulfillment remains to be seen, but Patrick Swayze has proven time and again he’s capable of anything.

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Patrick on the Screen

Patrick began an awesome streak in the 1980s beginning with the role of Darry in Coppola’s “The Outsiders.” He’s an extra in Stallone’s musical “Staying Alive,” part of the cast of “Uncommon Valor,” Jed in the apocalyptic “Red Dawn,” opposite Rob Lowe in “Youngblood,” and hitting pay dirt as Johnny Castle in “Dirty Dancing.” In the last couple years of the decade, Patrick had his share of badass roles: “Steel Dawn,” “Road House,” and “Next of Kin.” He’s the title character in “Ghost,” hosts “Saturday Night Live” and appears in a classic Chris Farley skit. He works with Keanu Reeves in “Point Break,” is Pecos Bill in “Tall Tale,” stars opposite his wife (who also directed) in “One Last Dance” in 2003, is Allan Quatermain in “King Solomon’s Mines” for TV, and is Lance in the British comedy “Keeping Mum.”

Latest Buzz

His new movie “Jump!” premiered at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. He’s the lead in the family comedy “Christmas in Wonderland” due out November 2007, and is part of the ensemble drama “Powder Blue” set for a release in 2008.

Patrick Says

On gratification:
“The way to screw up somebody's life is to give them what they want.”

On turnoffs:
“Good looking people turn me off. Myself included.”

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