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A Swede, it was karate in which Dolph first thrived, mastering the martial art in the early 1980s. This is in addition to things like tae kwon do, fencing, boxing, and judo, not to mention a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney. It was as a KGB henchman in “A View to Kill” in which Dolph made his debut as an actor. But as Ivan Drago in Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky IV,” not only did Lundgren bulk up to 240 pounds, but he mastered the arts of boxing and bodybuilding. The popular role brought overnight success, and soon enough, Dolph was cast in “Masters of the Universe” as He-Man and as The Punisher the very next year.

Following “Universal Soldier,” Dolph went from burgeoning leading man in major motion pictures to direct-to-video action films. Dolph would dominate this area of filmmaking, including starring in John Woo’s “Blackjack” and even directing such films as “The Defender,” “The Mechanik” and “Missionary Man.” In 2010, Dolph joined the cast of “The Expendables” directed by and starring Stallone. As he moves into his 50s, Dolph seems content with his position in the industry. He expects to direct more and continue to expand his portfolio as a reliable action star in the direct-to-DVD market.

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After the more well known Dolph pictures (“Rocky IV,” “Masters of the Universe,” “The Punisher,” and “Universal Soldier”), Dolph drifted into direct-to-video films such as “Blackjack,” “Agent Red,” “Detention,” “The Mechanik,” and “Missionary Man.”

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