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West Hollywood and Hollywood are at the center of Los Angeles’s nightlife scene. The Sunset Strip, which extends from Hollywood through West Hollywood and back, and Santa Monica Boulevard, which does the same, are packed with mostly famous (and notorious) comedy clubs, nightclubs, lounges, and movie theaters. And believe it or not, these busy boulevards are so diverse, that you will have no trouble fitting in somewhere – especially if you’re rocking the appropriate attire. On any given night you will find wannabe locals rubbing elbows with industry-types and celebrities crossing paths with wide-eyed tourists.

Before you set out to paint the town red, there are a few things you should know about the L.A. nightlife scene. Los Angeles is a no-smoking city, so don’t attempt to light-up in any of the areas nightclubs, bars, or anywhere else for that matter – there’s even a $200 penalty for smoking in a hotel room!

Next, unlike Chicago or New York where da’ club isn’t really hoppin’ until well after midnight, many L.A. establishments actually close at midnight or shortly after – try 2 a.m.! So, keep in mind that you may have to get to your destination early if you want to log your usual four to five hours of partying. Arriving early is also a good idea if you’re planning to visit any one of L.A.’s most high profile (and selective) establishments. The big guy at the door may have mercy on you if the place isn’t packed yet.

And, finally, Los Angeles is the last place on earth where you should drink and drive. Also, parking is a nightmare. One tip - driving to the clubs can be a major hassle in this city! Use a ride-sharing service or a limo.

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