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Vanessa Angel still looks great. And while she’s not exactly a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, she’s managed to stick around for quite a long time. Born in London, England in 1966, the former beauty queen made the jump to film in 1985 when she appeared in small role opposite Dan Aykroyd in “Spies Like Us” before becoming the resident supermodel in a handful of late 80’s films that never amounted to much. It was her role as the TV version of the computer-generated sex machine in “Weird Science” that first garnered her attention, but guest spots on a number of other 90’s hit series helped in winning the title role of a little known cult series known as “Xena: Warrior Princess.” But after she was unable to fly to New Zealand and start training for the series due to an illness, relative unknown Lucy Lawless stepped in to take her place.

Vanessa all but disappeared from the public eye, save for a healthy collection of less-than-appealing B-movies that you probably couldn’t find most of in the local video store. Still, it was a nice surprise to see the towering sex symbol return for a short stint on HBO’s “Entourage,” and here’s hoping she returns as a possible love interest for the always hopeless Johnny Drama. A beautiful girl of the same acting caliber would be nice for the struggling actor.

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Vanessa has had a long career of crappy direct-to-video movies that most people don't see, but she's best known as Lisa on the TV version of "Weird Science," as well as the bowling comedy "Kingpin." She's also appeared as a recurring character on shows like "Baywatch," "Stargate SG-1," and "Melrose Place."

Vanessa Says

On her name:
"I almost changed it because I worried people thought of me as this triple-x girl."