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While most men certainly aren’t avid viewers of HBO’s “Sex and the City,” we can all agree on one thing: we don’t mind tuning in to an episode or two to check out the sexy cast of over-30’s. We’ll go one step further and add that we absolutely love watching Sarah Jessica Parker (in the opening credits sequence) walking down the streets of New York City wearing her ballerina-themed outfit. Sarah Jessica is one of the hottest mommies in Hollywood, and while she doesn’t necessarily win the contest for Best Actress in our books (despite her numerous awards), she’s at the top of the list when it comes to celebrity babes, and we give props to Inspector Gadget for managing to keep her all to himself. Born in 1965 in Nelsonville, Ohio (a small town on the outskirts of Ohio University), Sarah Jessica’s family didn’t remain in the state very long after her mother and father divorced. Sarah Jessica’s mother remarried and the family moved to New Jersey, where she was promptly cast in Broadway productions of “The Sounds of Music” and “Annie” through her studies at the American Ballet School and the Professional Children’s School.

While attending high school in New Jersey, Sarah continued to add credit to her resume with a number of made-for-TV movies, failed sitcoms, and supporting roles in teen films like “Footloose” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Sarah Jessica soon began to receive much bigger roles alongside leading actors like Bruce Willis and Nicolas Cage, and received critical renown for her work on the Broadway show “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.” Sarah Jessica has always been a vivid supporting actress on screen, but when she was cast as real-life sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw for the HBO series “Sex and the City,” she was finally given the chance to show the critics what she was really worth, winning four Golden Globes and one Emmy for her performance as the series’ leading lady. Now that her thriving career on “Sex and the City” is over, let’s all hope Sarah Jessica doesn’t decide to call it quits in place of starting a family. She’s still making us drool with sexy teases as Gap’s latest spokes model and four new films are set for release over the next two years, so for now, that answer seems to be no.

Iconic Character - Carrie Bradshaw on "Sex in the City"

Sarah is having a fantastic career as she shows off her many talents and continues to look beautiful. But for many fans, her role as Carrie on HBO's "Sex in the City" will always be a favorite. We highlihgted this character in our "TV Girlfriends" feature in the "High Maintenance Hotties" catagory. Here's what we said about the Rachel character:

"Her rumored resemblance to a foot not withstanding, it's easy to see why Carrie Bradshaw is rarely without male companionship: she's successful, has a bright personality, loves her friends and – as evidenced by the fact that she's built an entire career out of writing about her time between the sheets – the girl's got a healthy libido. Of course, all that fabulousness comes with a heavy price tag: Anyone with Carrie's devotion to the latest fashions has no use for a man without a ridiculously high-paying job, that tight-knit group of friends is bound to get fairly annoying at some point, and knowing your every false move is fodder for a column read by thousands of people has got to put a damper on those ostensibly private moments in the boudoir. Oh, and she's also off the market, having tied the knot with on-again, off-again longtime beau John "Mr. Big" Preston a couple of years ago. Still, if you're willing to wait – and you've got the requisite bankroll, thick skin and Cosmopolitan ingredients – Carrie just might be worth the effort."

Carrie Bradshaw funny moments
Carrie was incredibly sexy, but also funny as hell . . .

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Sarah Jessica Parker on the Screen

Except for the massive success from the HBO smash hit, "Sex and the City," Sarah Jessica Parker isn't exactly known for starring in popular films, and while her level of talent is always up for question, you simply can't deny her natural good looks (save her plastic nose. The only decent movies she's ever really appeared in are slim when compared to her overall resume, but if you're looking for some of the best Sarah Jessica flicks, be sure to check out comic classics like "L.A. Story," "Ed Wood," "Mars Attacks!" and "State and Main."

Sarah Jessica Parker Says

On people:
"I don't judge others. I say if you feel good with what you're doing, let your freak flag fly."

On politics:
"I'm very, very concerned about the Bush presidency. I'm worried about the kinds of cuts in domestic programs that mean something to a lot of people, including members of my family, who depend on certain things from the government."

On marriage:
"I tell my friends married life is boring, but that's just a fun thing to say to make single people feel better."

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