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Kim Kardashian’s claim to fame is not just being former best friends with Paris Hilton, or that she’s in Playboy, or that her late father was part of O.J.’s legal team in Simpson’s murder trial. It’s that she made a sex tape with Ray-J showing off her pretty impressive oral skills. And if you look like Kim Kardashian, you’re an instant celebrity. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kim was surrounded by family, fame and fortune. After her parents divorced in 1991, her mother married 1976 Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner. Kim’s father, a good friend of O.J. Simpson’s, passed away in 2003. With Jenner’s other children, Kim has a total of nine brothers and sisters. While her looks, connections with the young socialites like Paris and Nicole Richie, and her numerous relationships keep her in the news, Kim is co-owner with her mother and sister of Smooch, a children’s boutique outside Los Angeles in the city of Calabasas. Kim and her two sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, opened DASH, a designer boutique also operating in Calabasas, California. Now she makes millions of her fame.

Kim was married from 2000 – 2004 to music producer Damon Thomas. After that she was linked to Ray-J, Nick Cannon, Reggie Bush, and the list goes on. Nick Lachey lined up as a suitor as well. Now she's maaried to uber douchbag Kanye West to form the absurd "Kimye" combo. She was in the December 2007 issue of Playboy in a 12-page spread, and then her popularity really took off working for Ryan Seacrest Productions on E! with her own show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” The title has become synonymous with Kim’s life as she continues her socializing ways while breaking the hearts of Hollywood’s hippest, and rising to the top of the gossip news. Not bad for someone from Beverly Hills.

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Kim on the Screen

Kim completed a workout video which has a link on her official site. She appeared on the first episode of “The Simple Life” in 2003, an episode of “Beyond the Break,” and then her popularity exploded when she landed her own reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” on E! Kim made her feature film debut in the spoof film, "Disaster Movie."

Kim Says

On her relationship status:
“I’ve never been single.”

On her Ray-J sex tape:
“There is no amount of money that could ever convince me to release any tape, even if I had one. I don't need the money.”

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