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How did Kara DioGuardi come to be the fourth “American Idol” judge? By no means a small feat, it’s a credit to Kara’s professional experience as a singer/songwriter and her overall resilience that caught the eye of not only the “Idol” producers, but her fellow judges as well. Songwriting and the music industry did not immediately cater to Kara’s interests, despite her forays as a solo performer and with various bands. She developed a passion for Political Science while at Duke, and later worked in PR at Billboard Magazine. But eventually, Kara had a breakthrough – most notably on the songwriting front in the late 90s and carrying over to the 2000s. To date, she has amassed over 40 albums in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200.

Kara built her songwriting prowess utilizing not only inherent songwriting talent but under the umbrella of her own company, Arthouse Entertainment. She has garnered numerous awards and nominations, including a Latin Grammy for Best Song from the 2007 film “Bella.” For the show’s eighth season, “American Idol” decided to implement a profound change in the show by bringing on a fourth judge, and they eventually agreed on Kara. Former “Idol” success stories (including Kelly Clarkson) actually sang songs written by Kara throughout their career. Now, Kara is in a position to uncover new talent and bury the hopes of many, but what many people will be most curious to find out what kind of person (and judge) Kara DioGuardi really is.

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Kara on the Web

Kara’s ultimate web resource guide.

Official Site
News, blog, photos, and selection of works at Kara’s official page.

Decent bio charting Kara’s musical rise.

Kara DioGuardi.net
Fan page with good bio, section on Kara as “American Idol” judge, and trivia and quotes.

LiveDaily Interview
2006 interview with Kara and Platinum Weird’s Dave Stewart.

Kara on Video

TVGuide.com Clip
Impromptu press conference on Kara’s announcement as the new “Idol” judge.

“Today Show”
Kara visits the NBC set and chats with Matt Lauer.

FOX News Interview
Kara chats further about her new gig.

Kara on the Screen

Kara’s work can be heard all over the big and small screens, including “Hannah Montana,” “Herbie Fully Loaded,” “Smallville,” “A Cinderella Story,” Scooby Doo 2: Monster’s Unleashed,” and the U.K. version of “The Office.”

Kara Says

On her judgment:
“I'm going to be a straight shooter and say it like I see it and maintain that philosophy. I'm somebody who's really honest and gives an opinion. If I feel I need to be hard, I will be. And if I feel I need to be more nurturing, I will be.”


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