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Cerina Vincent

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What does it take to become a scream queen? Well, first you have to be a babe, and Cerina Vincent certainly fits the bill there. Also, and probably more importantly, you have to be willing to show some skin on screen. Again, Cerina proved in "Not Another Teen Movie and more recently in Cabin Fever that shes not afraid to step up and strip for the team. In fact, her sex scenes in Cabin Fever were pretty awesome. 

Cerina started her career on the Power Rangers television series and has certainly come a long way since then. After guest starring in a number of other television shows and making her rounds in the direct-to-video market, Cerina has finally proven that may just have what it takes to make it in Hollywood. She hasn't become a bonafide superstar, but we definitely think she has the potential to make a splash and recommend keeping an eye on her in the future.

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The self-claimed official site of the actress is really just a fan page with updated news and media downloads.

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Two picture galleries of a very sexy Cerina.

Cerina Vincent on the Screen

You can hear Cerina talk about her career on the new Cabin Fever DVD. She sits in with Director Eli Roth and co-star Jordan Ladd in one of the commentary tracks for the film where she discusses, among other things, some of the gruesome scenes in the film (like her bathtub scene) and what it was like doing her first sex scene. We were actually very impressed with Cerinas performance in Cabin Fever, and not just because shes so damn hot. She can actually act, so she has a chance to broaden her career if someone gives her a shot at a serious role. Aside from her sexy role in the horror film and her short gig as the Yellow Power Ranger, Cerina has also appeared in other television series like Felicity, "Ally McBeal" and Malcolm in the Middle. Check out this interview with Cerina where she hints at a possible feud with her Not Another Teen Movie co-star Shannon Elizabeth. Cat fight, anyone?