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Buy your copy from Cabin Fever (2003) Starring: , Cerina Vincent, Jordan Ladd, Rider Strong, James Debello, Joey Kern
Director: Eli Roth
Rating: R
Category: Horror

As I mentioned in my review of "Jeepers Creepers 2," the horror genre is definitely a little tired. Yet every once in a while we get a new horror flick that takes advantage of an intelligent script and good directing, and the end result can be just as entertaining and scary as some of horror classics. 

The setting in "Cabin Fever" is pretty familiar to horror fans. Five college kids decide to rent a cabin to relax after the end of the school semester. Yet instead of having them run into a ridiculous monster or ax-wielding madman, our young victims are forced to contend with contagious, flesh-eating bacteria that have some pretty gross effects on the skin. As they begin to face the gruesome reality of their situation, they are forced to battle one another along with the hostile locals. The storyline is much more believable, and hence much scarier than other horror flicks.

There's also more than just the cool storyline to entertain the audience. The young cast does a great job with the material, and director/co-writer Eli Roth has no qualms about following the horror playbook and serving up some great nude scenes with the beautiful Cerina Vincent. Jordan Ladd also adds some nice eye-candy in her portrayal of Karen.

The film is definitely gross at times as various characters get exposed to the bacteria, yet Roth strikes the perfect balance between graphic scenes and scenes where he leaves the most horrifying details to the imagination.

The best part of this film is its sense of humor. There are scenes that are absolutely hilarious, and there are many subtle, ironic twists in the story that set this film apart from other less intelligent films. This is a must-see for horror fans and anyone else who appreciates good filmmaking. Just be prepared for it to spoil your appetite.

~Gerardo Orlando

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