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So wait...Anna Kournikova plays tennis too? Wow. Of course, guys don't drool all over this Russian knockout because of her ground strokes and overhand serve, and for good reason. Constantly criticized by her peers for all the attention she receives, Anna's not exactly an elite pro on the WTA Tour. In fact, the 22-year-old Kournikova is still in search of her first tournament singles victory and her 186-124 career record is rather ordinary. And now, she's dealing with a serious back injury that may force her to retire prematurely.

But, hey, who cares about all that, right? Anna's smokin', without a doubt, and while she may be a mediocre pro tennis player, there's certainly nothing mediocre about that body! Just ask columnist Shawn Griffin, who dubbed Anna as the world's sexiest female athlete (imagine that) and then was later criticized by a reader for his assertion. Anna catches a lot of heat from some of her fellow tennis players because the results on the court don't warrant the pub she receives off it. Jealousy, pure and simple. Hey, we don't see anybody rushing to buy calendars of Jennifer Capriati or Lindsay Davenport. And now, they've even released a video about Kournikova's calendar, "A Date with Anna: The Making of the Anna Kournikova Calendar." Very nice.

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Latest Buzz

Anna hasn't been playing much tennis lately, but is she ever? Instead, this hottie Russian has found time to grace the cover of Maxim magazine for her second time and appear in the 40th Anniversary Swimsuit Issue for Sports Illustrated. OK, so we lied, she is playing a little tennis, but only for World Team Tennis on the Kansas City Explorers, and that's hardly any tennis at all. In fact, when she is making her rounds on the tournament circuit, she rarely makes it past the quarterfinals. In other news, Anna's new fragrance products, Simplicity and Anna Kournikova Man, are now in stores across the country, so if you're in the mood to smell like Anna, go out and buy some.

Anna Says

On herself:
"I am beautiful, famous and gorgeous."

On her love life:
"I'm like a menu: you can look but you can't afford."

On her many criticisms:
"People ask me, 'Why do you have to look good on the court? Why not just play?' But to me, whenever I'm on the court, its like theater, and I have to express myself. Why should I have to look ugly just because I'm an athlete?"

Lane's Take

Anna Kournikova is the prototype for all that's wrong with society today. She's all style, no substance. It doesn't matter how good she is on the tennis court -- all we ever care about is that she's beautiful. It's sad to think that her physical appearance continues to generate publicity for her, while her lack of success in her chosen profession is nothing more than another excuse to talk about her, think about her, look at her. It's sickening. Truly sickening.

In fact, I'm not going to look at my Anna poster, wall calendar and A Date with Anna: The Making of the Anna Kournikova Calendar" video for, like, a whole week.

Okay, an hour.