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When one of your last real gigs was as the made up money-saving superhero Eva Savealot for a series of 1-800-Collect commercials, you can't expect to be on the cover of every magazine. But let's get serious, Alyssa Milano is one sexy piece of ass, and she knows it. Reinventing herself as a Hollywood sex symbol, Alyssa is so sinfully sweet and sexy that most men will break a sweat just looking at her. Born in Brooklyn, New York in December of 1972, Alyssa had her heart set on becoming an actress after seeing "Annie," her very first Broadway play. One year later, Alyssa made her debut in the same musical that set the course for the rest of her career. TV commercials followed until she won the role as Tony Danza's daughter in the long-running TV sitcom, "Who's the Boss?" Alyssa quickly became one of the hottest young stars in the business and she secured a small role in the film "Commando" on top of releasing her own exercise video, "Teen Steam." The following five years offered little more than a bunch of nonsense TV movies, though the image of the young star was used as inspiration for the character of Ariel in Disney's "The Little Mermaid."

Alyssa fell out of her teen years in the early 90's and popped up in a number of softcore B-movies like "Poison Ivy II" and by the time her career had crawled into the late 90's with only one significant co-starring role in the sleeper suspense film, "Fear," it became relatively obvious that success would never be discovered on the silver screen. Alyssa returned to the comfort of television once again in 1997 as a regular cast member for one season on "Melrose Place." One year later, Alyssa's newest show about three sister witches, "Charmed," debuted on WB to a surprisingly large audience and has since become one of the network's strongest series. That same year also found Alyssa battling the court systems after suing a web designer for posting nude pictures on the internet. The actress was awarded $230,000 for the case and has since taken action in protecting the rights of celebrities on the internet with the launch of her worldwide search index, Aside from her acting work, Alyssa has also been actively pursuing a musical career since 1989. All five albums have gone platinum in Japan where she is a pop sensation.

You can follow Alyssa on Twitter here. She is passionate about many causes.

Iconic Character - Phoebe Halliwell on "Charmed"

For many fans, Alyssa's role as Phoebe on "Charmed" will always be a favorite. We highlihgted this character in our "TV Girlfriends" feature in the "Totally Out Of Our League" catagory. Here's what we said about the character:

"If you're going to date Phoebe Halliwell, then you'd better make damned sure you've got your future mapped out, because you don't, she almost certainly does. Not only is she a witch (we're talking about supernatural abilities, not pissy personality), but she's also prone to precognition….and retrocognition, too, so you'd better make sure you don't have any skeletons in your closet, either. She comes from a family with some seriously gorgeous genes, but she and her sisters are about as tight as they come, so be prepared for a package deal. If you're the man Phoebe's foretold to be with (and, trust us, she knows if you are or not), the end experience will be nothing short of magical."

Phoebe Halliwell - All Premonitions & Fights Scenes
Strange but sexy!

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Alyssa Milano on the Web

Alyssa Milano
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An internet database of Alyssa's career in TV and film.

Alyssa Milano on Instagram
Recent pics posted by Alyssa Milano.
The official site for the actress offers fans news updates, media downloads and a large collection of magazine articles.

Alyssa on FHM
This video features Alyssa's FHM shoot so look for some very sexy bikini clips!

Alyssa Milano on the Screen

Not every sexy celebrity to grace the red carpet is an Award-winning actress and Alyssa proves that with her not so impressive resume. It's true that Alyssa has appeared in a handful of films over the years, including the video game adaptation of "Double Dragon," the softcore "Poison Ivy II" and the more recent "Dickie Roberts," but most of her success has come on the smaller screen with shows like "Who's the Boss?," a short stint on "Melrose Place" and her current role on the hit WB show, "Charmed." Alyssa has also made several guest appearances on a number of different shows including "Outer Limits," "Spin City" and "Family Guy," but don't expect too much in the talent department from the same girl whose claim to fame was playing alongside Tony Danza.

Alyssa Says

On acting:
"Actors are an insecure breed. It's hard to have your career depend upon other people's opinions of what you do."

On past relationships:
I've dated the sweet mama's boy, the musician rocker, the struggling artist - basically a lot of people without jobs."

On nudity:
"I used to sleep nude -- until the earthquake."

On sex:
"I feel a lot healthier when I'm having sex. Physically. I feel all these jitters when I wake up in the morning. Just energy jitters. I take vitamins, I work out every day. When I'm having sex, I don't have that."

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