Whiskey Tasting Kit From Blind Barrels


Whiskey Tasting Kit from Blind Barrels

If you’re looking for a great gift for the holidays, or a unique way to enjoy premium whiskey, check out the whiskey tasting kits from Blind Barrels.

These unique tasting kits offer “blind” tastings so you and your friends can have some fun while trying delicious whiskeys. The whiskey samples come in a box with four bottles marked A through D. Each box offers diversity in mash-bill and proof level. There’s also a handy “tasting table” guide for the different characteristics to look for when tasting each sample. For example, does the whiskey have “woody” tasting notes, or a more “fruity” flavor? When you’re done you can scan the QR code on the box and see which whiskeys you tried.

We loved the tasting experience. Each of the samples offer something different though we’ll admit it was hard to pinpoint some of the tasting notes. Still, each sample was delicious and we had plenty left over to enjoy at the future time.

The kits showcase the best in small American distilleries, featuring craft whiskey brands that you won’t find at your liquor store.

Our samples included 10th Mountain Rocky Mountain Crafted Bourbon, Single Barrel Wheat Whiskey from Drift Distillery, Straight Rye Whiskey – Dark Pumpernickel from Middle West Spirits, and finally Sour Mash Bourbon from Corbin Cash.

Check it out and enjoy the blind tasting experience! Quarterly and yearly subscriptions are available.


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