UGears Steampunk Clock: Wooden Model for Assembling


Models made of plywood details assembled without glue, which can move, make sounds, and even measure time, are produced by an innovative brand UGears. The Ugears steampunk clock and all other puzzles are made in Ukraine, but you can buy UGears model in the USA with free delivery and return.

Types of UGears Models

The collection lists more than 80 mechanical puzzles for different tastes and interests:

  • Numerous vehicles – cars, motorbikes, trains, and boats

  • Various boxes, like a treasure box or amber box

  • Mechanisms like a random generator, variator, gearbox, or a differential making part of a geek STEM lab collection

  • Decorative beauties, like a flower, horse, or hurdy-gurdy

  • A few buildings (towers, a wind-mill, a theater)

  • A collection of coloring 3d wooden model kits aimed at younger kids (any UGear model can be painted if so wanted).

The estimated assembling time of UGears mechanical models can vary from 20 minutes to 16 hours. The difficulty level varies too. Some UGears wooden model kits are aimed at kids, while teenagers and adults enjoy more demanding ones a lot.

What Is Special about a Steampunk Clock

A Steampunk Clock a great piece of decor. Thanks to the floral pattern, the model looks like a fancy plant covered in blossom with gears. The model is a beginner level, with 1 hour assembling time required. Steampunk Clock can be one of the first models to buy from UGears.

UGears Steampunk Clock

The clock is a fascinating toy long after it is assembled. Just take it in your hands, start turning the bottom wheel, and meditate on the magic of mechanical puzzle miracle. The hands of the clock are unsynchronized; each of them moves independently. It is a great way to remind yourself that time is conventional. Minutes and hours are the only means to measure its fluid substance. What matters is what we make of it.

Although assembling UGears 3d puzzles for adults sounds like not a very productive way to spend your time, the process brings joy and peace and makes you more focused and persistent when dealing with real-life challenges.


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