Do Men Use Cashbacks as Often as Women?



Nowadays, one can buy almost anything and everything online. Clothes, shoes, furniture, technology, groceries, you name it and it can be bought using your smartphone. Since the emergence of online shopping, people have become more careful about their purchases. This is mainly because they have more time to think before buying anything. Unlike shopping in-store, you can buy whatever you want anytime online. Shopping nowadays has been more convenient due to shopping sales, shopping vouchers and cashbacks. When you use your Macy’s cashback for instance, you can get your money back after purchasing clothes, accessories, furniture and many more. Question is, are people familiar with these? Do women use cashbacks more than men? Or is it the other way around?

Shopping behavior

Consumer behavior has shifted towards “getting your money’s worth” and saving money. People want to be able to purchase high quality items at reasonable prices. Taking advantage of sales, shopping vouchers and cashbacks can greatly help with that.

Shopping tendencies of men

When it comes to shopping, men tend to be more product-focused. This means that when they are shopping, they’re focused on getting the item and paying for it shortly afterwards. Men tend to follow a “get in, get out” mentality where they already know what to purchase and they do so in an immediate manner. From here, one could imply that men tend to shop only when they need to. When it comes to shopping, men generally prioritize quality and convenience of items.

Shopping tendencies of women

Women have a tendency to take their time when it comes to shopping. As compared to men, women usually take their time at a store, looking through different kinds of items and finding things that they like. Women tend to purchase more items than they intended to. Based on this, one could assume that women prioritize their shopping experience, namely the acts of scoping around the store and researching for deals and styles.

So, do men use cashbacks as often as women?

The answer is that it’s difficult to tell. Although there is no definitive answer on whether men use cashbacks as often as women, we can still speculate given the differences in shopping tendencies. One can assume that men do not use cashbacks as often as women because:

Men are focused on purchasing what they need as quickly as possible

When shopping, they can easily forget about using cashback to receive rewards. Again, men tend to have a “get in, get out” mentality which may hinder them from seeing sales, using vouchers and cashbacks that are accessible online. Because women tend to do their research more prior to purchasing anything, they are more likely to discover these as compared to men.

Men may not know that such cashbacks exist

Men may not even be aware that cashback deals are accessible online. This may depend on how cashbacks are marketed online. Regardless of sex, every consumer should know about cashbacks and how it can save you a great deal when it comes to shopping.


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