Finding the Best Insurance Policy for Your Furry Friend


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If you’ve a dog or a cat, you’ll always want the best pet insurance you can find to ensure peace of mind. Although you may find it difficult to get pet insurance that is right for you, be persistent and don’t give up. You’ll soon find a policy that suits your needs and protects your family pet against all sorts of illnesses and injury. Here are some tips to consider when searching for pet insurance.

Comparison Websites

Going through multiple pet insurance websites can get tiring, reading through all the details is a sure-fire way of putting you asleep before you find a policy that suits you. Instead of going through each pet insurance site individually, why not go to a site which helps you to find numerous insurance providers and displays a breakdown of each policy, side by side. This allows you to easily look at each policy to see which one is best for you.

Using a price comparison site lets you look at several different variables included in each policy, you’ll be able to compare, and contrast offers such as:

• Reimbursement rate
• Annual benefit limit
• Accidental injury insurance
• Illness

What will the best insurance cover provide?

When searching for pet insurance, one of the most important things that most pet owners look for is the reimbursement rate. When they’ve paid for treatment, how much will they be entitled to in reimbursement costs? Most of the leading pet insurance providers in Australia offer a reimbursement rate that sits at around 80%, some can be a little lower at 75%. A high reimbursement rate means you won’t lose a lot of money paying for medicine and treatment, you’ll get back close to everything you pay to your veterinarian.

If your pet has had a bad year with a lot of accidents or illness, you won’t have to worry about cost as your insurance policy will entitle you to an 80% reimbursement rate. As a pet owner, you may also want to consider the maximum yearly benefit. This can vary from 10 – 15,000 dollars depending on the insurance provider you choose to deal with. It obviously makes more sense to find a company who sits closer to the 15,000 dollar mark.

Comprehensive Cover

If you got the budget for it, there are comprehensive insurance policies you can take out that cover a wide range of services. Not all of them will be the same, you must again compare each policy to see which one is best for you. A comprehensive plan typically covers all of the following:

• Accident Injury – Car accidents, insect bites, allergic reactions etc.
• Illness – Cancer treatments and other illnesses.
• Emergency Boarding – If your pet needs to be looked after.

The easiest way to find pet insurance that suits you is to use a price comparison website and look through the many policies on offer. If you have the finances, it is advisable to take out a comprehensive package to ensure your pet is covered for all eventualities. When choosing any sort of policy, take your time and do plenty of research.


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