Controlling Luck – What Betting Pros do Better than Hobbyists


If you are one the millions around the world caught up in a daily nine-to-five, where the weekends seem to last for just an hour, you may have fantasized about what it could be like to live like a betting pro.

It always seems like betting pros have it all – the fast cars, the hot women (or men), yachts, getting up at midday, going to bed in the wee hours. It all sounds rather interesting, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

We’ve all seen them on ESPN and on YouTube; those full-time pro gamblers wearing the baseball caps and shades at the poker table. We’ve read stories about full-time sports bettors that make betting on the NFL, NBA and a range of other sports, as easy as taking candy from the proverbial baby. What’s more, developments in iGaming – online betting and casino games, that is – have brought this world even closer as online casinos and bookmakers are available 24/7 and tend to offer a bigger variety of betting markets and casino game variations than our local area – okay, unless you live in Las Vegas or Macau!

At some point, the question has to be asked – how hard can it actually be to live the lifestyle of a betting pro? After all, quitting a “secure” job and getting on the pro poker, fantasy football, or sports betting circuits isn’t all that realistic. There are bills to pay, kids to feed and tons of other responsibilities too.

Like any other profession, there’s the focus, dedication and commitment to make something work, and betting online is no different.

So what does it take to succeed?

Below, we take a look at some factors to consider before starting out on your journey to become a pro.

Practice By Playing Online

The first step in becoming a betting pro is to gain some skills by practicing online. You can opt to do so at no cost as there are several online sites that accommodate free play. Set some time aside to learn the game rules, structure and payouts. By practicing on a regular basis, you’d be able to slowly build some valuable skills.

Manage Your Emotions

To become a betting pro, you need to be objective. As an example, let’s say your favourite sports personality is Serena Williams. In this case, you do not have to pick Serena Williams as the winner solely because she is your favourite athlete. Rather, your decision has to be driven by form and previous statistics. At times, you may have to ditch your favourite sports personality or team if the recent form and results are below par.

Trust Your Gut

When it comes to betting, consistency is key. This implies that when you identify your strengths, strictly abide by them. When it comes to betting online or at a land-based establishment, a common occurrence is discussing tips and strategies with other bettors. In doing so, you may find that another punter tries to convince you that team A is going to win in 90 minutes as opposed to team B. In this case, the views of others need not convince you to change your initial plan. Instead, you should remain focused and determined in placing the bet you are most confident in.

Ultimately, even though betting always has a luck factor, a successful bettor knows to control those factors of the equation that they actually can, minimising their losses and increasing their chances at success.


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