The Best Workout Equipment for Your Condo


Not many of us have a large home, although it is a dream that all of us have. Most commonly, large cities have limited space and people are taking a more minimalist approach to creating a living space. However, that does not mean you cannot utilize that space well.

Despite having a small apartment or a condo, you can still bring the gym home. You may worry that you do not have the space for great exercise equipment. Fortunately, even the smallest condo can become a home gym. There are a few essential work out machines, however, that can make this a reality.

A Stability Ball

Stability balls are a great tool to have in your workout toolkit. They are made to sustain your body weight and primarily work the muscles in your core. Try leg lifts, crunches, and planks with your stability ball. This incredible workout tool can easily be stored in the corner of your living room or your bedroom.

A Mini Stepper

If you have a small apartment but would love to have a stair machine, the mini stepper is a great alternative. This machine includes the step feature of a much larger machine, and thus provides many of the same benefits. Moving your feet up and down works the muscles in your lower body, and resistance can be applied to increase the difficulty of the workout. After you’re finished, you can slide your mini stepper under the bed, couch, or in a closet.

A Folding Treadmill

Treadmills are a great way to get in a good run on a cold day – or any day. However, if you have limited space in your home or apartment, a full-size treadmill simply isn’t an option. Fortunately, there are folding treadmills, which have all the benefits of a typical treadmill with added convenience. Newer models can fold flat and this makes them easy to store and keep out of the way when they are not in use.

An Elliptical

If you consistently eye the incredible elliptical machine at your local gym, you won’t be able to bring such bulk into a small home. However, you do have viable options when it comes to keeping an elliptical in a limited space. There are several models sold for home use, having folding capabilities for easy storage and wheels for ease of mobility. Knowing you could live here in your apartment with great workout equipment is a great feeling.

A Resistance Band

A resistance band is great for any type of workout, and take up very little space when they are not being used. Attach resistance bands to a chair, or to your legs, and you are able to work out various muscle groups. You can also skip storing heavy and bulky weights by using a resistance band.

Of course, many people will head over to the gym in their apartment or local area. Sometimes, however, you want to workout in the comfort of your home and save money and time. Never let lack of space keep you from building a sufficient home gym and getting that daily workout that you crave.

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