5 shoes that always look good and will never go out of style


Shoes are one of the most important accessories when it comes to finishing any look. For this reason, we must always follow certain rules when it comes to combining each of the styles. Because going out during the day is not the same as if you have an important meeting or an appointment. There are many things to choose but we will help you in all of them so that you feel good and succeed at every step, never better said.

Not sure which shoes to choose? We’ll help you with a total of 5 options that always look good and, more importantly, never go out of style. Not sure which shoes to choose? We’ll help you with a total of 5 options that always look good and, more importantly, never go out of style. This means that you will always look perfect, according to your style, fashion and the time of the day or night. Are you going to miss it?

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots

They are named after the place where they became fashionable. Chelsea boots are a stylish and classic boot style that will never go out of style. These boots feature an ankle-high design with a low heel and a rounded or pointed toe. Chelsea boots are great for any occasion, from casual to formal. They look great with jeans and a blazer or with a suit and a tie.

Did you know they were also worn by the Beatles? They appeared on several occasions in this type of footwear and with a suit. But it must also be said that this is a very versatile idea. So while they will look perfect with a suit, you can also give them a more casual touch with a pair of trousers, a jacket and a T-shirt without wearing a shirt or tie.

Of course, if you still prefer a more casual look, Chelsea boots with jeans will be one of the best ideas to consider for every day of the week.

Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes

When we talk about Oxford shoes, we have to say that they are classic models. But even so, it is still very present today to update our fashionable looks. They are shoes with laces, that have an elegant air and that have a low heel but a leather style finish.

Why are they so popular? Because although their primary purpose is to be combined with elegance, it must also be said that they are totally versatile. So you will be able to wear them with a look that is not so sophisticated and more casual but comfortable. Within the so-called Oxford shoes we have several models. Hence, each of them can be combined with different garments. The basic models, in a single colour and with a classic look, are perfect to wear with a very elegant suit. But they are also perfect for those more fitted outfits with a jovial or modern air. With this type of shoes you will get a great result as far as fashion is concerned.

So if your look is more classic, then you can opt for oxford shoes in dark brown or black. Both are always a winner. In addition to the colour, this type of shoe can also be made in various fabrics. Leather is always perfect with a classic style, while if you want a more jovial look, there’s nothing better than suede.

This material can be combined with more modern outfits, with different colours and more eye-catching colours, as well as with corduroy trousers or even chino trousers. In other words, even though Oxford shoes have an elegant style, they always know how to adapt to all other styles.

Penny loafers

Penny loafers

Penny loafers are another classic type of footwear. Because they have been with us for decades. But maybe that’s why they have evolved and now it’s time to wear them with a formal style or the opposite.
Leather loafers in black are one of the great basics to wear with dark suits, navy blue or grey. However, a Penny loafers combined in two colours and suede, will be perfect to add to a look with jeans and a plain shirt. With linen trousers you can opt for nautical style footwear, as this is another of the great trends that are entering our lives as the good weather also wants to settle in our daily lives.


Times are changing and changing a lot. Because sneakers used to be relegated to sporty looks. But nowadays, they can also be seen with a jacket and trouser suit, as well as linen trousers or perhaps many other designs. This is because they become a comfortable option with many alternatives to consider. Since you have the option of choosing a pair of trainers with laces and a good cushioning, but also of letting yourself be carried away by some more modern designs that don’t need those laces to be successful. In this case, you just have to have the last word when it comes to creating the looks, and always look for the maximum comfort in each one of them!

Work boots


They are so named because they were created to protect the feet during working hours. But everything that succeeds evolves and this is a good example of that. They were made of good materials and even very resistant linings.

Nowadays, these boots are the protagonists, but not only to wear them to work, but also to wear them with a casual and comfortable look. Hence, you can wear these boots with your favourite jeans, T-shirts and leather jackets. But be careful, because they are also perfect for you to replace your leather jacket with a fabric jacket, if you prefer. It will give you a modern and always well combined look, which is what we like.

They are not recommended for a very formal two-piece suit, but they can be worn with wide trousers or a jumpsuit, which is also another key piece of clothing. Which of these stylish shoe options do you choose?


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