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Wine Reviews by Vino Joe

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  • The Volcano Wine (06/02/2005)
    Why should you go through the trouble of hunting down a hard-to-find bottle of Ars Poetica Vulcano? Vino Joe says the quality of this selection may be even better than Italy’s best wines and, as a bonus, it’s much more affordable at less than 10 bucks a pop.
  • A wine you can't go wrong with (05/09/2005)
    At less than nine bucks a bottle, even a beer-bellied ding dong wouldn't go wrong by buying Wrongo Dongo, a smooth red wine that Vino Joe suggests pairing with Mexican dishes, mild Indian cuisine, and everyday grub like burgers and barbecue chicken.
  • Pinotage: The Band-Aid Wine (02/28/2005)
    Pinotage, a bold red wine from South Africa, is not for the faint of heart. Pour it into a large-bowled glass, swish it around and then take a huge whiff and Vino Joe says you'll smell black fruits, earth, tobacco, leather and, believe it or not, band aids.
  • Dao means "duh" -- as in No-brainer, or This Dao is Rising (02/14/2005)
    Always on the lookout for a daily drinker -- a wine that is affordable, easy to drink and somewhat interesting -- Vino Joe recommends a selection from Portugal called Quinta de Cabriz Dao, a fun red wine that will set you back only about six bucks.
  • A Pinot Grigio stand-in from Spain (08/10/2004)
    Pinot Grigio has quickly displaced Chardonnay as the white wine of choice in the United States, but Vino Joe says there are dozens of enjoyable Pinot stand-ins. One such example is Bodegas Aldial Naia, a clean, fresh and vibrant selection from Spain.
  • Not your typical house red wine (08/03/2004)
    Generally speaking, you should not expect too much from the “house” red wine at your local Italian restaurant. However, Vino Joe rates Capestrano Montepulciano d’Abruzzo as a ridiculously good value that really shines when matched with typical Americanized Italian café fare.
  • L’Alycastre: The chick magnet (07/20/2004)
    Instead of contributing another boring Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay to your next barbecue, why not bring a bottle that every chick at the party will be talking about? Vino Joe says Domaine de la Courtade L’Alycastre is the perfect conversation starter that’s also easy on your wallet.
  • A wine you don't need to think about (06/22/2004)
    Borsao Campo de Borja is a very nice, spicy red wine that has a flavor profile that many people will find appealing. Vino Joe says it also has just enough structure to match with a number of foods, without being the attention-grabber at the table.
  • Jumilla: The other Spanish wine (06/02/2004)
    When people usually think of Spanish wine, they often overlook one of the region’s best bargains for varieties with more cachet. But Vino Joe says Taja Jumilla Reserva has remarkable complexity and depth, and is a super value at less than 10 bucks.

“Vino” Joe Janish began picking grapes and helping his grandfather make homemade wine as a five year old. The high-octane, sour-flavored result was at the dinner table throughout wasn’t until he reached his twenties that he realized wine could taste good! Since the epiphany, Joe has had the dual passion of discovering affordable bottles and pushing people beyond white zin. “I used to be a shot and a beer guy,” says Joe, “and thought wine was for sissies. Then I tried Pinotage...there’s nothing ‘sissy’ about that wine!”

He’s spent almost 10 years in the wine industry, and does consulting from his Upper West Side, NYC apartment. “California may be the US winemaking capital, but New York is the place to be for imports. I have access to wines most people have never heard of.” His daily goal is to find the ideal food and wine pairing. "That's the joy -- the challenge of matching the perfect wine with a dish -- kind of like the surfer's quest for the perfect wave," he explains, but admits, "I'm having a hard time finding a wine to match with scrambled eggs."

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