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Wine Reviews: Goldwater Sauvignon Blanc "Dog Point"
by: Vino Joe (e-mail
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Goldwater Sauvignon Blanc "Dog Point" is one of Vino Joe's Favorite Wines!

Sauvignon Blanc is loved -- and hated -- for a particularly grassy, herbal element that some pundits call "gooseberry" while others refer to it as "cat pee." I'll admit to the latter but choose to use the former -- it makes for a more tasteful description. The grape is grown successfully all over the globe, but seems to do particularly well in the Loire region of France and the western regions of New Zealand. Robert Mondavi also did a good job growing the grape and marketing it as "Fume Blanc"; this is a Mondavi-trademarked name derived from Pouilly-Fume, one of the regions in the Loire that produces outstanding Sauv-Blanc.

My favorite Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand -- and possibly the world -- is Goldwater's "Dog Point" version, which will run somewhere around $15 to $20. It comes from a vineyard on Dog Point Road -- and it's no dog. I had it for the first time with oysters at a bar, while waiting to be seated at a fancy-shmancy restaurant, and fell in love with it instantly. 

Perhaps the dog chased the cat out of the wine, because I find the nose clean, bright and fruity, with aromas of ripe tropical fruit (guava/passion fruit) and hints of herbs and mineral. Beautiful forward citrus fruit on the palate, with some nice vegetal, mineral and spice notes. Unusually rich and full, with a super smooth texture. Good acidity; very crisp and refreshing. A delicious wine, with a racy edge of acidity and a fantastic finish that goes on and on. 

The same winery also makes a "standard" version of Sauvignon Blanc which is nearly as good and maybe a buck or two cheaper. Grab either of these Goldwaters if you see them (but leave Barry alone).

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