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Bullz-Eye's TV Preview: Summer 2006

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The summer is once again upon us, and the networks have realized that people will watch television in the summer, especially if it’s good. Below is a list of what I’ll be watching during the warmer months. For a complete rundown of the new and returning shows this summer, click here.

Must-Catch Vets

“Rescue Me” (FX, 5/30)
Denis Leary’s dramedy about a group of firemen - one of the best shows on television - moves into its third season.

“Deadwood” (HBO, 6/11)
Apparently, this is the last season for the standout western, set in South Dakota. The good news is that creator David Milch had plenty of notice to make sure that the series went out with a bang.

“Entourage” (HBO, 6/11)
The much-improved second season has me hooked on this show about a rising movie star. But the real star of the show is super-agent Ari Gold, played brilliantly by Jeremy Piven.

“Monk” (USA, 7/7)
Adrian Monk and Co. power on with their unique, OCD-filled spin on the police drama.

“Chappelle’s Show” (Comedy Central, 7/9)
Sure, the highly anticipated third season was prematurely aborted, but Comedy Central cut together what it could for a few new episodes, with "Chappelle's Show" co-creator Neal Brennan and cast members Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings serving as show emcees in place of Chappelle. I’m keeping my expectations low, considering the circumstances.

“Reno 911!” (Comedy Central, 7/9)
The most inept police force in the country continues into season #4. The third season wasn’t quite as good as the first two, but it still made for great summer viewing.

Second-Chance Vets

“The Closer” (TNT, 6/12)
Last summer, this series put an interesting spin on the tired police drama by putting a quirky female detective (Kyra Sedgwick) in charge of a mostly-male department. Finally, a Southern accent I can buy – “thank you very much.”

“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” (FX, 6/29)
Four slacker friends own a bar in – you guessed it – Philadelphia. The first season was spotty, but also hilarious (at times).

Must-See Rookies

“Windfall” (NBC, 6/8)
One of the few scripted shows debuting on the networks this summer, this drama follows a group of 20 friends (including former “90210” star Luke Perry) as they deal with the pros and cons of winning the lottery. By the way, if there are any lottery winners that want to give their money away because it’s too “stressful,” you can email me at I’ll gladly take it off your hands.

“Saved” (TNT, 6/12)
Tom Everett Scott stars as a troubled paramedic. The promos have shown promise, but I’d feel a lot better if it were on FX. I don’t really need another depressing medical show in my life, so let’s hope this is like “Rescue Me” and focuses more on the personal life of Scott’s character.

“Psych” (USA, 7/7)
A cop’s son convinces everyone that he’s a psychic, even though he’s not. He’s just observant. If it’s as quirky as “Monk,” it could be good.

Rookies Worth A Look

“Lucky Louie” (HBO, 6/11)
Comedian Louis C.K. stars as an emasculated auto mechanic. Although this sounds like it should be part of CBS’ laugh-less Monday night lineup, I’m going to give this a try - because it’s on HBO.

“Blade” (Spike TV, 6/28)
This is the small screen version of everyone’s favorite half-vampire super hero. I believe this is Spike’s first foray into scripted programming, so it is worth a look.

“Nightmares & Dreamscapes” (TNT, 7/12)
This is a mini-series of stories from Stephen King. When translated to screen, King’s work has been spotty at best, so this mini-series is on a short leash.

“Eureka” (Sci-Fi, 7/14)
The government moves a group of geniuses to a small town. I thought “The 4400” was bad, but I’ll give any new sci-fi shows a shot.

“Three Moons Over Milford” (ABC Family, 7/23)
I normally avoid any shows on networks with the word “family” in their name, but this show – which follows residents of a town as they face ‘the end of the world’ – sounds interesting.