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As gadgets and electronics become a bigger part of our lives with smartphones and tablets, gadget accessories are becoming more popular as well. We've assembled some cool stocking stuffers you can consider for everyone on your holiday list.

Earphones and headphones have become style accessories, so a cool set of earphones will be a great gift option for plenty of people on your gift list. MUNITIO, which is Latin for defense works and fortification, has made a quantum leap in personal media accessories with their newly designed, tactical 9mm NINES earphones with in-line microphone. Each earphone has been individually machined from a solid piece of high density copper alloy, outfitted with rare earth neodymium drivers, and engineered from the inside out to offer tight, low and thundering bass. Oh yeah, and they also look like bullet casings.

These cool headphones were developed with the professional DJ in mind but with an affordable price. The most unique feature involves the double-duty TurnCable that has a 3.5mm stereo plug on one end and a 6.3mm plug on the other. Basically you can easily plug into your phone and other devices but then flip the cable around and plug it into an amp. The ZoundPlug is another great feature as it allows you to share music with a friend using a headphone jack in the right ear cup. So if you buy a set for your girlfriend and one for yourself you can easily listen to music together! Like other Urbanears headphones we tested, the Zinken model produces excellent sound with superior comfort. The headphones fit snugly around your ears with just the right amount of padding. The Zinken features swivel ear caps and an adjustable headband so you can adjust them for maximum comfort. The Zinken also comes in a wide variety of cool colorsso you can choose a color that fits the person you're buying for.

With the recent news involving Hurricane Sandy, things like the Etón FRX3 Radio are more than just cool gadgets. They can make coping with the aftermath of a storm, like loss of power, a little easier to manage. This is so much more than just a portable radio that can be charged up by cranking it or by solar power, though that is extremely helpful when you don't have power. The hand turbine in particular gives you a power source no matter what. It won't power your heater, but you can use the radio (including NOAA weather alert) and also the LED flashlight that's built in on the side. You can also use it to power your cell phone or other small gadgets, which can literally be a lifesaver in some situations. It's amazing how many features they have crammed into this gadget. You can also use battery power as well so you don't have to start cranking right away. You can connect it to another power source as well through USB, and of course you can set it in the sunlight to charge up the unit. The top handle also has a glow in the dark locator wrapping around the solar strip. It's a great gadget and you'll love having it the next time you lose power. It's also great for camping trips and other outdoor activities, so keep it in mind as a stocking stuffer for the holidays.
This is a great little gadget to stash in your briefcase, backpack or glove box. Portable power is vital, and this 3-in-1 accessory gives you the ability to charge and synch any device that uses a 30-pin connector or a Micro USB connector, either with the included 12-volt USB car charger, the wall charger or the 3' cable and USB connector. Pair the Bracketron Travel Power Kit with a portable charger and a 30-pin to Lightning adapter, and you've got juice for just about any mobile device whenever and wherever you need it. Sweet.
These days, available USB ports are in short supply, with more and more devices eating up more and more ports. This 12-port hub from Satechi is the perfect, cost-effective solution for those of us running out of places to plug in our wireless mouses and keyboards and phones and MP3 players and cameras and external hard drives and flash drives and portable chargers and speakers and…needless to say, this hub makes our lives easier. Featuring two switches so you can power down half of the ports when not in use, the Satechi also plugs into the wall to offer enough juice for each of your devices. Similar hubs tend to take up more space but this slender device can fit in small places and can even be mounted on the wall with the included two-sided adhesive strip. End your search for open ports today!
For guys that are too embarrassed buying their wives or girlfriends lingerie at Victoria’s Secret, or too lazy to go to the store to buy underwear for themselves, now you don’t have to. Me Undies lets you purchase unmentionables online a la carte or by signing up for monthly shipments that arrive at your doorstep without so much as lifting a finger. Better yet, you get the same great quality of top brands (the men’s boxer briefs are super soft and comfortable, and the women’s garments are incredibly sexy) without the high prices. There are three different styles available per gender, and a variety of colors to choose from, so you could conceivably have a different style and color shipped to you for every month of the year if you really wanted. After all, people have been gifting underwear for decades – Me Undies is just the next logical step.

Here's a fun gift for the beer lover on your list. The Shakoolie is the original shower beer holder. Yes, many of us like to drink an ice cold beer in the shower, so the Shakoolie provides a handy tool to hold your beer in the shower and also keep it cool. It even comes in pink as you can see above for the ladies on your list! The Shakoolie is also a perfect accessory for someone's bachelor pad, boat or the bathroom in a man cave.

We reviewed BRAVEN speakers earlier this year, and now we had the chance to check out the 625s. This version is encased in a rugged, shock-absorbing exterior with aluminum grills that let listeners take this tough speaker on the go. All of the BRAVEN speakers are portable but the 625s is ideal for outdoor settings and for travel. It comes with a waterproof bag, USB flashlight, and up to 16 hours of continuous play. As we noted last time, these speakers produce excellent sound and you can also string them together to make the sound even more robust. They're perfect for impromptu parties or even for casual listening regardless of where you find yourself. Now with the 625s you can feel even more comfortable taking it anywhere.

Have a budding photographer or moviemaker on your list? It's amazing what you can accomplish with a smartphone these days, and the iStabilizer Monopod unlocks even more creative possibilities with its practical and lightweight design. Photographers often prefer the convenience of a monopod to a tripod when they're looking for some extra stability on a shoot, and the 5.6-ounce entry from iStabilizer is super easy to carry and set up on the go: simply extend the monopod to the desired length (up to 3 feet), lock each section into place with a quick clockwise turn, then slide your smartphone into the included universal bracket and start shooting. The iStabilizer Monopod, made of airplane-grade aluminum, lets you record video footage from unique points of view – hold it low to the ground as you follow a friend or family pet, or extend it in front of you while recording a first-person interview. Even better, you can remove the smartphone bracket to reveal a threaded mount for compatibility with standard cameras or a tripod adapter for the waterproof and shockproof line of GoPro video cameras to capture some extreme footage.

On-the-go juice for your mobile phone is essential these days. Some of these solutions are more practical than others, which is where the Stone Battery shines. Dubbed as a pocket battery charger, this tiny charger can easily slide into your pocket or bag for portable power. This is an all-in-one solution with a concealed USB plug so you can synch your device if needed or charge the Stone Battery when the battery charge indicator says it's out of juice. Available for both iPhones and Android devices, the only caveat with this otherwise perfect little gadget is that it won't charge a completely dead phone back up to 100%, but that kind of capacity would have made the Stone Battery bigger and less convenient to carry, so we'll take the tradeoff.