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Corey Brewer played small forward for the Florida Gators, and along with teammates Al Brewer and Joakim Noah, he led the Gators to back-to-back national championships, winning the Most Outstanding Player award at the Final Four. He stands 6’9”, weighs 185 lbs and is extremely rangy. He was considered the premier defender on the college level and has all the tools (size, quickness, heart) to be a shutdown defender at the next level. He projects to be a small forward in the NBA, but much like Tayshaun Prince before him, he will need to add bulk to hold up to the rigors of an NBA season at that position.

Brewer flashed a more consistent jump shot at the Final Four, but needs to continue to work on this area of his game. He’s a terrific athlete and has nice form, so it shouldn’t be long before he’s knocking down shots with regularity. He also needs to work on his ball handling, which would also improve his offensive game. Brewer has a reputation for being a very hard worker, so it’s expected that he’ll continue to improve even after reaching the NBA.

Even though he would have likely been a first round pick in the 2006 NBA Draft, Brewer, along with Noah and Brewer, decided to stay in school for another season. With the NBA’s new age limit forcing many prep stars to college for the 2006-07 season, the 2007 draft will be extremely deep. Still, with his improved jumper and growing reputation as a shutdown defender, Brewer’s stock has risen since last season. Most mock drafts project him to be a mid-lottery pick.

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Quotes about Corey Brewer

“Has obviously has some outstanding tools to work with, including great quickness, a superb first step, and the kind of smooth fluidity that you just can’t find anywhere’s pretty amazing how effective a player Brewer is considering how much room he still has left to improve on his skill-set. His handle is pretty loose, his jumper is streaky, and only weighing out around 180 pounds, he’ll probably be one of the skinniest 6-9 players to play in the NBA in quite some time...His shooting mechanics are clean and very fluid, with a crisp, quick release, good balance, and the ability to get his shot off almost whenever he wants thanks to his height and’s not hard to envision him becoming a very solid NBA shooter considering his mechanics and work ethic.” - Jonathan Givony, DraftExpress

“Brewer’s draft stock has never been higher than it is now after his performance for the Gators in the Final Four. With a little work on his offensive game – most importantly improving the consistency of his outside jumper – and Brewer can be an impact player at both ends of the floor. At the very least he should be a rock solid contributor on the defensive end.” Jeff Fox, CollegeHoopsNet

“You'll see Brewer atop most shooting guard lists, and he's admittedly a better "all-around" player than Rush. He's got the crazy height, the length, better ball-handling skills (barely better than Rush), and can be a defensive stopper. I guess ultimately though I'm a scorer at heart, and his ability to score/shoot the ball for a shooting guard is severely lacking. He can't create shots, his outside shot is inconsistent at best (dont be fooled by the final 2 games of his career), and he lacks strength to finish down low in the NBA. compares Brewer to Stacey Augmon. This isn't too bad in terms of the quality you should expect. A fringe starter who can scorer 10-12 ppg for awhile or be a quality first reserve.”
Shawn Siegel, CollegeHoopsNet

“He's stroking the ball from 18 feet and showing range out to the NBA 3-point line with good accuracy. He has great form on his jump shot with a high, quick release. He gets great lift on his shot and shows the ability to shoot off the dribble, too. He's most impressive, however, getting up and down the basketball floor. He has excellent speed for his size and is very explosive getting off the floor. From my conversations with NBA GMs and from what I saw with my own eyes on Monday, I think Brewer could go as high as the No. 3 or No. 4 pick in the draft. How often do you find a 6-foot-9 guy with the wingspan of a 7-footer who can play lock-down defense at the 2 or the 3, shoot the basketball and slash to the basket? Brewer has a chance to be a totally unique player at his position.”
– ESPN’s Chad Ford, after watching Brewer workout in Los Angeles

“I feel like I can help a team right away defensively. Offensively I can score; I can slash and get to the basket if I have to, and I can run and get up and down the court. Really just being a winner, I win. I can help a team right away in that I know I’m a winner. I’ve got work on my ball-handling a whole lot and just get better skill-wise; shooting off the dribble and just shooting period. I’m trying to get stronger, that’s the main thing.”Corey Brewer, when asked to scout himself