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Dan BaconHey, it's Dan Bacon here, founder of The Modern Man. My method for success with women is simple: Get women trying to pick you up, trying to maintain your interest during a conversation and trying to keep you satisfied during a relationship...all while being a nice guy.

The discovery of my powerful method for success with women started about seven years ago when I came home alone, following an "after work drinks" session with my co-workers. I was living with my sister at the time and as I walked into the apartment, she jokingly asked me, "So Dan, did you pick anyone up tonight?" As usual, my answer was "No," but that wasn't the worst part. What really got me frustrated and feeling down about my lack of success with women was what my sister said to me next. With a pitiful smile that big sisters often give to their little brothers, she said, "Don't worry Dan, the right girl will come along one day."

I hated hearing that! It really annoyed me to think that women weren't interested in me even though I was a good guy, was starting to do well with my career and had good intentions with them. They just seemed to overlook me as though I wasn't good enough. At the time, I was 25 years old and had been single and lonely for so long that it was making me feel pretty sad and lonely. I said to my sister, "I don't know what it is, but when I talk to women the conversations seem to get very boring, very quickly. What is going on?" My sister, like most people, is and was not an expert on the subject of dating and attraction, so she gave me an "opinion" based on what she thought would be the right answer. Unbeknownst to her, she was incorrect when she replied, "Well, maybe you're just talking to the wrong women."

That was wrong. Dead wrong.

The problem wasn't that I was talking to the "wrong" women, it was that I was approaching the conversations and interactions incorrectly. No one had ever told me that if I wanted a woman to be sexually interested in me during a conversation, I should flirt with her and introduce a sexual vibe into the conversation. Heck, I didn't even know what flirting was, let alone how to do it during a conversation. I mistakenly believed that I had to be nice and get to know the girl first, so I assumed that if I showed my sexual interest before getting to know her, she would think I was a sleaze and reject me. I wanted to show women that I was a nice guy with good intentions, not just another horny guy looking to get laid. Yet, what I didn't realize back then was that if you don't create a sexual vibe between you and a woman, it will rarely happen on its own. I also didn't know that the guys who are naturally good with women were intentionally creating a sexual vibe with almost every woman they met...and to top it off, women were labeling those guys as "nice" and "charming"!

Dan Bacon

Back then, I had no one and nowhere to turn to get my problem with women solved. I was on my own. Everyone that I knew had basically gotten lucky and fumbled their way into a relationship, so it was a case of the "blind leading the blind" when I asked them for advice. I remember desperately wanting to know what I needed to change to get women to like me, but no one seemed to have the answers. It didn't matter how many new shirts or colognes I wore, or how "cool" my hairstyle was, women simply overlooked me. To make things worse, when I did manage to talk to a girl, I would usually run out of things to say after two minutes. As you can imagine, it was a very frustrating time in my life!

Luckily, around that time, I managed to make a new friend. He was also sick and tired of looking on as other guys enjoyed love, sex and relationships with beautiful women, while he stayed single and alone. One night, he and I shook hands and made an iron-clad deal that we would promise to go out approaching women every Friday and Saturday night until we solved this all-important puzzle of life. Initially, both of us made all the classic mistakes like trying too hard, placing women above us in terms of dominance (and therefore upsetting the desired masculine/feminine balance), appearing hesitant and nervous in front of the women, leaving interactions too early because we assumed the girls didn't like us and so on.

Dan BaconFast forward one-and-a-half years later and I had discovered all of the techniques that I now teach in my eBook, "The Flow." I'd learned how to make a woman like me instantly without me having to try or really do anything. I'd reversed the entire "pick up" process from me trying to pick women up, to women desperately trying to make something happen with me. I still remember the first night I did it. My friend was relaxing at the bar and I walked off and approached two women on my own. In less that a minute, both of them were competing for my attention and eagerly trying to pick me up. Ten minutes later, I was making out with the hotter of the two. Two hours later, I was back at my place having sex with her.

I remember waking up that morning with a smile. As the woman slept in my bedroom, I went out to the kitchen to make a coffee and sent my friend a text message, "I've cracked the code. I get it now. Believe me, the game will never be the same again...."

Since that day, I've been using my method to enjoy the type of success with women that most men will only ever dream of or see happen in Hollywood movies. I've also been teaching it to guys during live, weekend courses where I demonstrate "The Flow" techniques right before their eyes and show them how easy it is to get even the hottest of women eating out of their hands within seconds.

I look forward to teaching you my method for success with women, but even more than that, I look forward to hearing success stories from you someday soon. I'd like to officially welcome you to a whole new world of success with women. Your life with women is finally going to change for the better.

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