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And the nominees are? If you're a movie buff, you probably don’t want to miss the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards. The oldest and most prestigious film award show is must-see-TV for many fans around the world. That said, the program is often a complete bore, and they're always struggling for new ways to keep the ceremony relevant. The recent switch to 10 nominees for Best Picture seems like an act of desperation. But, it can be plenty of fun, and we've listed some web sites for the die-hard fans.

Oscars Features

Late to the Party: Amazon's Prime Instant VideoFive 2011 Academy Award upsets
we'd like to see

February 25, 2011

The Academy Awards have become a snoozefest. David Medsker would love to shake things up with his five upset picks.

True Sh*t: 10 Movies the 2011 Academy Award Nominees Don't Want You to SeeTrue Sh*t: 10 movies the 2011 Academy Award nominees don't want you to see
February 22, 2011

Everyone's taken a job they hated for the money. For actors, though, it's preserved on film forever. D'oh!

Acadmey Award MistakesDude, where's my Oscar?: Revisiting recent Academy Award mistakes
February 18, 2009

"The English Patient" over "Fargo"? Phil Collins over Trey Parker and Matt Stone? It's time to rewrite history.

Oscars Web Guide

Check out the official website of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Everything Oscar! Predict the winners, check out the nominees and see if your favorite flick will walk away with top billing.

Premium Hollywood - Oscars
This Hollywood blog is an excellent resource for movie and Oscars news and commentary.

Oscar 101. For the history of Oscar, from the founding of the Academy in 1927 to present day, check out this historic site.

NY Times - Awards Season
The Times has a cool section devoted to all things awards-related, and of course The Oscars is the most important awards show out there. Get great news and commentary from the excellent writers at the NY Times.

LA Times - Academy Awards
Up to the minute news on the Oscars buzz, nominees, and the big news, Jon Stewart to host, can he inject some relevance into the Academy Awards?

Moviefone.com - Academy Awards
Great news and commentary from this movie site. And, you can buy your movie tickets as well!

The Oscars page here is pretty fun, as users can vote on who they think will win. The interactive nature makes this an attractive addition to the plethora of awards pages.

Gawker - Oscars
You can count on getting a snarky and entertaining take of the spectacle of The Oscars from the prominent entertainment blog.

The Pittsburgh Channel.com
"Awards for art are fucking idiotic." - Chris Rock.


5 Reasons The Oscars Matter Even Less Than You Thought
Everyone loves to bitch about past winners as we noted above. Frankly it's part of the fun. Sports fans love to have barstool debates, and movie fans love to do the same. Here, the editors at Cracked.com have some decent gripes.

Oscars Cleavage
Here are some great shots of sexy celebrities sporting their cleavage at The Oscars.

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