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Buy your copy from Boss'n Up(2005) starhalf starno starno starno star Starring: Snoop Dogg, Shillae Anderson, Hawthorne James, Lil' Jon, Larry McCoy
Director: Dylan C. Brown
Rating: R
Category: Musical

Ah, the direct-to-video feature. If I could leave this review at just that, I certainly would, because that line sums it up so perfectly. But since we have to go a little further, we shall. So let’s begin by saying Snoop Dogg’s come a long way. From his Doggpound and Dre days through murder convictions, movie tie-ins, porno vids, coaching his son’s basketball team, giving up the chronic, getting back on the chronic, and appearing in commercials, the man has pretty much done it all. And now with "Boss’n Up," he has his own little pimp-movie DVD out for all the fans to enjoy.

And you are going to have to be more than just a casual fan to really enjoy this one. Otherwise, this isn’t even a so-bad-it’s-funny thing you’ll want to watch and sit around and quote later. Although the film does have a few of those moments, it doesn’t really offer up anything new or revelatory in the pimp-flick genre. And, well, watching Snoop Dogg “act” is an oxymoron since the guy’s always basically just being himself, and so I guess you have to give him points for believability if nothing else here.

So in this feature, Snoop Dogg plays Corde Christopher, a one-time grocery store bag boy who macks on all the women buying products rather than doing his work. He wants something more. He wants to “touch honeys” with his hands, and not push shopping carts out of the parking lots. So, lo and behold a magic moment arrives when pimp granddaddy Hawthorne James (as “Orange Juice”) gives Corde the chance to learn the ropes and teach him all that funky shit that he knows. Of course, Snoop excels and lives the high life, only to be put in jail (which is where the movie actually begins) – Lil’ Jon stars here as Sherrif Sundy – and have newcomer Shillae Anderson be assigned as his lawyer.

If that sounds appealing, then go for it. But the whole damn thing is rote and predictable, not that any of that matters to Snoop’s biggest fans. It’s probably fun to see their hero do what he does best – chillaxing and pimpin’ hos. There of course are some musical numbers as well, the most hilarious and mind boggling being a tune called “Fresh Pair of Panties,” which has to be heard, at least once, to be believed. Some nice crooning of the title and then a list of the types of panties that could be worn is followed by Snoop doing his little rap thang (best line: “I just want to read between your panty lines”).

That’s the long and short of it, but this set comes packed with plenty of bonus features. The DVD itself contains never before released videos for “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “Let’s Get Blown,” both from a live gig in Dublin, Ireland. You also get videos for “Get 2 Know Ya,” “Step Yo Game Up,” and “Fresh Pair of Panties,” all three also never before released. There’s also a making-of slide show and a bonus music CD featuring a remix of “Drop It Like It’s Hot” featuring Pharrell and Jay-Z. If anything, Snoop’s a savvier businessman than actor, giving the fans a whole lot of bang for their bucks.

So if you’re a Snoop fan and are in the market for a new pimpin’ movie, then "Boss’n Up" will be just the thing to fill all your needs. If, on the other hand, you’re a guy like me, who can’t help but just sit there scratching his head and pondering all the other DVD’s he could be watching instead, then give this one a wide pass. But you do have to peep and/or listen to “Fresh pair of Panties” at least once.

~Jason Thompson

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