Ghostbusters: The Video Game review
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Reviewed by Rich DeWester


t's been a long time in the works and there have been more than a few bumps in the road, but it's finally here: "Ghostbusters: The Video Game." The developers were near release back in 2008, when Vivendi merged with Activision and decided not to publish "Ghostbusters," but not to be stopped, they worked out a deal with Atari. Time will tell if it was wise for Activision to choose 50 Cent over this.

"Ghostbusters: The Video Game" takes place in New York City during 1991, and is considered, at least storyline-wise, to be a true sequel to "Ghostbusters II.” Most of the original cast lend their voices to the game, with the exception of Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver. After being treated to a cool montage of times past, you play as a new, silent recruit to the team. Hell, you don't even get a name – they just call you Rookie. Just before the unveiling of a new Gozer exhibit, a strange burst of white energy surges through the city (think “Independence Day” without the explosions, burning, or death). While this is going on, Slimer escapes, so the team decides to head back to the Sedgewick Hotel to recapture him. You quickly find out that he's not alone, and have to muscle your way through the area, fighting and trapping ghosts as you go. After each chapter, you’re given some reprieve and can wander around the HQ, but not outside.

The game is in third-person view for the most part, and only changes to first-person when you use the PKE meter. First-person mode has you equipped with some night vision goggles to help give you that "Blair Witch" feel without the annoying shaky-ass camera. (It can add a bit more suspense as you quietly wander the halls and all of a sudden crap starts flying at you from nowhere, but I ain't afraid of no ghost.) The weapons in the game are, for the most part, awesome. Even just the traditional proton pack from the movies was a lot of fun to play around with, but as the game progresses you’re given more weapons at your disposal. The Proton Pack also displays your character’s health and you can even see your PKE so you don't have health and crap all over your screen.

The game immerses you into the story seamlessly, and the way your weapons tear through the finely detailed stages really gives you a feel of just how powerful those proton blasts are. The dialog between the old team is as hilarious as the first movie – witty, sharp and well timed. The addition of the movie’s original music is a nice bonus as well. All of these come together beautifully and lead to a truly enjoyable experience for anyone. The game is sadly short, but does give you some hidden stuff to find and collect along the way. There are also some fun online modes you can enjoy with friends, complete with leaderboards and ranking system. All that’s left to hope for are a few additions with some DLC.

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