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Rambo vs. Lee

Both are men of few words, but while their silence has proved deadly against former opponents, it won’t be much of an advantage when Rambo and Lee go toe-to-toe. It’ll take a lot more than a sneak attack and a sharp knife to take Lee down, because while Rambo may have enough weaponry to defeat a small army, we’ve seen the martial arts master accomplish the same thing…with his bare hands.

Winner: Lee
NEXT: Lee meets #8 Batman
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John J. Rambo

Sylvester Stallone, "First Blood"
Behold, the mother of all Soldiers Who Never Stopped Fighting The War. If John Rambo, a Special Forces vet in the Vietnam War, wasn’t already having difficulty adjusting to civilian life, he sure as hell was when small-town sheriffs with Texas-sized egos went after him. He let the sheriff and his minions off easy, merely wounding them (it’s not Rambo’s fault that one bonehead fell out of the helicopter). When he goes back to Vietnam to look for POWs, however, barely a soul lives to tell the tale, with no less than 59 confirmed kills. As for his trip to Afghanistan in 1988, well, let’s just say that they’re still cleaning up the wreckage.

Definitive badass moment: When he rigs the trap in the woods that plunges a pair of arrow-tipped stakes into the legs of one of his pursuers.

Classic badass line: “I could have killed 'em all, I could kill you. In town you're the law, out here it's me. Don't push it. Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe. Let it go. Let it go.”

Seed: #3
Occupation: Ex-Special Forces
Strengths: Extremely resourceful, could turn a piece of bark into a deadly weapon
Weaknesses: Mental instability could be used as a weapon against him
Bracket History: Defeated #6 Rooster Cogburn in round 3, 77%-23% / Defeated #14 Tommy DeVito in round 2, 75%-25%

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Bruce Lee, "Enter the Dragon"
He may be a man of few words, but don’t let Lee’s gentle, philosophical outlook on life trick you into letting down your guard. You definitely wouldn’t want to step into the same ring as this guy. After learning that an evil crimelord is responsible for the death of his sister, Lee makes his way to a secret martial arts tournament to exact revenge. It’s there that Lee so easily thrashes an army of goons, bare- hands a King Cobra, and cracks three (count ‘em, three) necks, all while resisting the temptation of Han’s harem of seductive Asian escorts. Oh yeah, and he can play a mean guitar too.

Definitive badass moment: After getting sliced in the torso by Han’s metal claw, Lee calmly tastes his own blood and then delivers the smack down.

Classic badass line: (When asked what style of martial arts he practices) “You can call it the art of fighting without fighting.”

Seed: #7
Occupation: Currently unemployed
Strengths: Quick and strong, his trademark war cry
Weaknesses: Naïve and inexperienced
Bracket History: Defeated #2 Ripley in round 3, 75%-25% / Defeated #10 Shaft in round 2, 79%-81%