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It’s really no surprise that the entertainment industry’s most politically incorrect comedian once had a television show of the same name, but Bill Maher’s controversial approach to comedy has earned him a spot as one of the more unique voices in politics. Born in New York City to a Catholic father and Jewish mother, Bill attended Cornell University where he received a degree in English, but his real passion (comedy) didn’t come quite as easily. After trying a career in stand-up at the famous Catch a Rising Star nightclub in New York City, and failing miserably, Bill spent the next few years making friends within the business and learning the tools of the trade. He was eventually made emcee of the club and was quickly placed on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” as a recurring guest. Constrained by the show’s rules of keeping any political jokes completely inoffensive, however, Bill decided that his style of humor would be better fit in a different format.

The result of Bill’s departure came in the form of “Politically Incorrect,” a half-hour talk show originally produced for Comedy Central that gave the comedian free reign to discuss politics with celebrity guests and important political figures. Despite being a mostly libertarian show, the series was moved to network television in 1997 where it aired for six years. The show was suddenly cancelled in 2002, however, when ABC deemed it too politically incorrect for mainstream America, and in response, Bill formed an agreement with premium channel HBO to greenlight a similar show where he would finally have the freedom to talk about whatever he wanted. One year later, "Real Time with Bill Maher" premiered, and the time couldn't have been any more perfect. The constant barrage of right-winged tomfoolery gave the comic all the ammo he needed, and as long as Republicans continue roam the Earth, expect Bill Maher to stay one step ahead of them the whole way.

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Bill on the Screen and Stage

Along with successful political talk shows like "Politically Incorrect" and "Real Time with Bill Maher," the comedian's resume also includes several television specials - including "Be More Cynical," "Victory Begins at Home" and "I'm Swiss - as well appearances in the recent documentaries, "Inside Deep Throat" and "The Aristocrats."

Bill's Rules

On Christianity:
"The Bible looks like it started out as a game of Mad Libs."

On Dick Cheney:
"Dick Cheney feels responsible for his daughter being a lesbian because growing up, she heard him say 'go f--k yourself' so many times, she finally tried it."

On sex:
"Kids. They're not easy. But there has to be some penalty for sex."

On suicide:
"Suicide is man's way of telling God, 'You can't fire me - I quit.'"