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Scout Taylor-Compton in "Halloween"

Scout Taylor-Compton

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Before she stepped into the big shoes of Jamie Lee Curtis in Rob Zombie’s take on the dead-teenager classic, “Halloween,” Scout Taylor-Compton was probably best known for a 2005 incident in which she disappeared from her home – only to turn up at a friend’s house a couple of weeks later.

Not that that was particularly fair. Born Desariee Starr Compton in 1989, she’s been appearing in film and television roles since she was nine. She’s been working steadily ever since on a number of film and television roles, including recurring appearances on the critically acclaimed “Gilmore Girls” and the less critically acclaimed, “Charmed.” A notable one-shot on “Without a Trace” had her portraying a missing girl.

In 2004, Scout had some disappointing luck when she was cast in what would have been her first major theatrical film – the Jennifer Garner fantasy-comedy “13 Going on 30.” The producers later decided that four of the girls cast as “the six chicks,” a popular clique, looked a bit too old and had to be replaced. Fifteen-year-old Scout was out. Still, she bounced back quickly with a larger part in a less prestigious film, the tween-aimed comedy, “Sleepover.” Nevertheless, all good things come to those who keep their nose to the grindstone and the fresh-faced, raven-haired Scout was selected a few years later by hard-rocker-turned-horror auteur Rob Zombie to recreate the role of avenging virgin Laurie Strode. Typically enough for a horror film, on its first weekend “Halloween” generated ire among most critics along with a very healthy amount of cash at the box office. Of course, the original “Halloween” wasn’t exactly hailed as a work of genius on its release, either. Right now, the future looks terrifyingly bright for Scout.

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Scout Taylor-Compton on the Screen

Quite honestly, we’ve been completely unaware of Scout prior to “Halloween.” We’re an online men’s mag, not Tiger Beat. Still, now that she’s eighteen and screaming for a living, Bullz-Eye’s own Jason Zingale has singled Scout out for praise in his otherwise harsh review of “Halloween,” calling the fresh-faced, strawberry blonde “an absolute joy to watch on screen.” And she has a sense of humor – check out her practicing her mad scream skills backstage at a horror convention in this YouTube video.

Latest Buzz

Scout’s definitely not just sitting waiting for the phone to ring – even though it will. She’s got two features and a TV movie upcoming, plus the up-to-now amateur musician is preparing her first album. Is a power-ballad duet with Mr. Zombie in the offing? Well, we’d like it.

Scout Says

On living her rock and roll fantasy:
“It’s so amazing. I had never thought making an album could be so much fun. I love the late night recording too! It's a little ways away, but it’ll be worth it when it’s finished.”

“In a few months I’ll start performing live. I believe one of my first performances will be at Sea World this summer. So that should be a lot of fun.”

On the softer side of her on-screen nightmare:
“Michael is definitely just trying to get to me and trying to show me that he's my brother and he loves me and he cares for me….And he was just trying to get to me and the only way he knows that is a little bit different...killing people.”