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You’ve seen Sarah Paulson. Plenty of times. You just don’t remember her. But while the 33 year old admits she isn’t as recognizable as other stars, she has the advantage of being remembered more for her performances than for her celebrity status.  That’s what we call an actress.

While theatre was Sarah’s first acting venue – back when she was 12 – TV eventually became Sarah’s home. As Harriet Hayes on Aaron Sorkin’s short-lived “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” Sarah earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Matthew Perry’s ex-girlfriend. Despite the show’s cancellation in May 2007 after one rocky season, Sarah is more recognizable because of it. She’s also played a regular on HBO’s “Deadwood” and “American Gothic.” On the big screen, Sarah has tackled challenging roles in both indie and mainstream pictures. She’s Mel Gibson’s secretary in “What Women Want,” a lesbian sister in “The Other Sister,” and a supporting role in “Down With Love.” Sarah continues to do stage work in both New York and L.A., and her partner is renowned stage actress Cherry Jones. With “Studio 60”’s cancellation, Sarah is looking for the next project – hopefully something as worthy as the talents she has to offer.

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Sarah Paulson on the Screen

Most recently and famously, Sarah was part of the dream-team ensemble cast of “Studio 60” on NBC. Her Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe nomination was the only recognition for the entire show. When she wasn’t a series regular on “Deadwood” or “American Gothic,” Sarah took supporting roles in movies like “Serenity," “The Notorious Bettie Page,” “Down With Love,” and “What Women Want.” She also is a regular on the stage, performing in plays by Tennessee Williams and Chekhov.

Sarah Says

On her Golden Globe nomination:
"I'm ecstatic about my nomination and feel that the entire cast and crew of ‘Studio 60’ is directly responsible for my being recognized and I couldn't have done it without them."

On her recognition:
“Everybody knows everyone else on the show, and they've all been wonderful on TV and in the movies, but then it's like, wait a minute, 'Who's that girl? We've never seen her before.”