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Little is known about the personal life of the model-turned-actress Maggie VandenBerghe. She has been a fixture for a number of years now, however, with “Aliens in the Attic” her feature acting debut. That is not to say that Maggie hasn’t been active in the cinema before appearing in that film. She wrote, starred, and produced a short film in 2007 called “Junk Love” that played in numerous festivals before appearing on DVD in November of that year. She was also in a number of other shorts such as “Our Feature Presentation” and “Hierarchy,” but with “Aliens in the Attic” receiving a summer 2009 release, Maggie’s future work will be feature-driven, and there is a good possibility she’ll continue honing her producing and writing skills.

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Maggie on the Screen

She’s on both sides of the camera for “Junk Love,” her 2007 short film. Maggie also appears in numerous other shorts like “The Lonely,” “Our Feature Presentation,” “My Movie Girl,” “Diamond Confidential,” and “Hierarchy.” “Aliens in the Attic,” the Ashley Tisdale summer 2009 film, is Maggie’s first feature role.

Maggie Says

On realizing her goal:
"It feels so good to work hard for what you want, and to be able to do what you love.”

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