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Two decades after Samantha Fox catapulted to international stardom, another petite British Page 3 model with an amazing rack started making her own headlines. Of course, for Keeley Hazell, the line between fame and notoriety hasn't always been as easy to follow as she'd like -- but she's barely over 21, and with looks like hers, the public's forgiveness is never in short supply.

Keeley's rise to stardom started in 2004, when she won a modeling competition in the pages of British tabloid The Sun; once readers got a few eyefuls of the teenage college dropout, celebrity was right around the corner. She's gone on to repeated appearances in The Sun, as well as Zoo, FHM, and other like-minded publications, as well as the cover of the "Formula One '06" videogame, and a role as"Naked Girl in the movie "Cashback."

She also famously turned down a chance to pose for Playboy, saying she was uncomfortable with doing a fully-nude shoot; ironically, in early 2007, a sex tape showing Keeley in all sorts of compromising positions was leaked, and the prospect of a paid full-frontal spread became rather quaint by comparison. Though she's said to have been embarrassed by the tape, Hazell is rumored to be in talks to star in a forthcoming "Baywatch" feature film, thus simultaneously expanding her career and further linking "Baywatch" to homemade porn.

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Thank you, Great Britain. Thank you for giving us a woman like Keeley Hazel. And thank you Keeley for posting great pics on Instagram.

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