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A product of the Tennessee stage and the Memphis Jewish Repository, Ginnifer Goodwin was born in 1978. By 2001, Ginnifer had her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Boston University, but fame, fortune, and other enticing treats that lure the young to Hollywood did not come easy to Ginnifer – perhaps the fate for many Shakespearean-trained actresses. It wasn’t until 2009’s “He’s Just Not That Into You” when Ginnifer finally joined an ensemble in a mainstream film.

Early on, it was television and NBC that provided Ginnifer with income and roles with parts on “Law and Order” and the primetime series, “Ed,” from 2001-2004. Comedy Central brought Ginnifer on for their first original movie, “Porn N Chicken” in 2002. She showed strength in films like “Mona Lisa Smile,” followed by the romantic comedy “Win A Date with Tad Hamilton” in 2004. Some other similar roles came to Ginnifer, but with a performance in “Walk the Line” followed by landing a co-starring role on HBO’s “Big Love,” Ginnifer made a tremendous leap for her career. A romance with Chris Klein ended in 2008 after two years, and with the way things seem to be going late in the 2000s for Ginnifer, there seems to be little doubt that she will emerge as a prominent leading lady in the next decade.

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Ginnifer on the Web

Ginnifer’s ultimate web resource guide.

Brief bio with external fan site links.

“Memphis Belle” Article
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Ginnifer on the Screen

She’s Diane Snyder for 26 episodes on “Ed,” Connie Baker in “Mona Lisa Smile,” Vivian Cash in “Walk the Line,” Janey in “In the Land of Women,” Margene Heffman in “Big Love,” Gigi in “He’s Just Not That Into You,” and guest stars on several episodes of “Robot Chicken.”

Ginnifer Says

On “Big Love”:
“In the society we are representing, there are these women for whom this is the answer to their problems, not a problem in and of itself. It will bowl over our audience, and will educate them.”


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