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As much as we like seeing Demi Moore naked (who doesn’t?), the nude (and very pregnant) photo shoot she did for Vanity Fair was completely unnecessary. Interestingly enough, that cover shot has probably made the single greatest impact on her career. And just when the public thought that they knew Demi Moore, she did this, or shaved her head. Oh brother.

Born Demetria Guynes, November 11, 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico (of all places), Demi didn’t have the most attractive childhood, but after having surgery to fix a cross-eyed condition, she was given the chance to help out her family by making money as a model. Through her marriage to her first husband (rocker Freddy Moore), Demi was introduced to an actress who helped to get her a role on the daytime soap opera “General Hospital.” After only one year on the show, though, Demi was ready to move on.

Demi’s first major film role was as a card carrying member of the Brat Pack in “St. Elmo’s Fire,” and after an engagement to costar Emilio Estevez and marriage to Bruce Willis, she nabbed a role in the romance film “Ghost,” perhaps her biggest and most iconic role. Other major roles in box office hits carried Demi to the top of Hollywood and made her one of the highest paid actresses in the industry. The late 90’s brought a few outlandish performances from the actress (“Striptease” and “G.I. Jane”), as well as a separation from husband/actor Bruce Willis. After her sudden disappearance from the film scene, Demi returned in 2003 as the sexy villain of “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” and a new boy toy to showcase (“That 70’s Show” goofball Ashton Kutcher).

Demi's Sexiest Roles

There are so many to choose from with Demi. Her look has evolved over the years, but she's always looked beautiful on the big screen. Some stand out, however, such as her role as a stripper in "Striptease" in 1996. She got in incredible shape for that film. Some of us prefer her more natural look in "Blame it on Rio" in 1984. If you want to see them all you can see Demi’s nude scenes at

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Demi strips down
Demi got in incredible shape for her role in "Stiptease" and it paid off in some amazing scenes where she showed off her body and dance skills as a stripper.

Demi Moore on Letterman
Here's young Demi doing a fun striptease on Letterman.

Demi looks amazing in "Indecent Proposal."
This isn't a great film and the premise is a bit rodiculous, but Demi pulls this off as the gorgeous girl next door that prompts the crazy proposal from Robert Redford's character.

Demi Moore on the Screen

Starting out as one of the Brat pack in "St. Elmo's Fire," Demi skyrocketed to fame alongside Patrick Swazye in "Ghost" and Tom Cruise in "A Few Good Men." She continued her rise to the top in seductive dramas like "Disclosure" and "Indecent Proposal," and made a moral stand by choosing to star in "Striptease." Other roles aren't nearly as impressive (like lending a voice to "Beavis & Butthead Do America"), but you can't win them all.

Demi Says

On her critics:
"I'm sure there are a lot of people who think I'm a bitch."

On nudity in film:
"There's this idea that if you take your clothes off, somehow you must have loose morals. There's still a negative attitude in our society towards women who use a strength that's inherent - their femininity - in any way that might be considered seductive."

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