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We’ve had plenty of good girl celebrities make their way into the spotlight, so it only seems fair to shine the light on a few bad girls as well, and while Asia Argento may not be the most recognizable face out of the possible line-up, she certainly fits the bill. Born in Rome, Italy in 1975 to legendary horror director Dario Argento, Asia grew up immersed within the entertainment industry. At a young age, Asia was already being groomed for a future in film, and it wasn’t very difficult with a famous director father and actress mother fueling the flames. The young actress made her film debut at age nine and quickly followed up with a number of lead roles in many popular Italian-speaking films. Among them, “Le Amiche del cuore” debuted at the Cannes Film Festival to heavy critical praise, and Asia’s certain success as an actress was official. She continued to work in Italian film for a number of years, including appearing in three of her father’s own films, before finally making the crossover to Hollywood in Rob Cohen’s 2001 action flick “XXX.”

Since her appearance alongside Vin Diesel, Asia has been hard to track down in an American film, though she has continued to work on the other side of the pond in both Italian and French-speaking features. As one of the few, genuine bad girls of Hollywood, Asia has drawn a lot of media disapproval for her open drug use and laid-back erotic scenes, most notably in the ones her father has filmed. Either there’s a whole lot more going on behind the scenes in her relationship with her parents, or Asia is just one of those crazy European girls we’ve always heard stories about. Let’s hope, for the sake of all of our fantasies, that it’s the latter.

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Aside from making her US debut alongside Vin Diesel in "XXX," Asia really hasn't gained much fame on this side of pond, but she has made quite a name for herself in her home country of Italy, where she has appeared in over twenty films in the past decade. You can check out Asia in a number of US-produced films at the video store. Just look under the direct-to-video section and you should see her beautiful mug plastered over all of the boxes.

Seeing as her father (legendary horror filmmaker Dario Argento) was a producer on one of the original Romero "Dead" films, it's really no surprise that Asia starred in the latest of the famous zombie series, "Land of the Dead."

Asia Says

On being herself:
"My teeth represent me. They tried everything when I was a child to make them straight. I told my father, 'If you're going to put braces again on me, I am going to kill myself.' He said, 'Fair enough.' Now they are as crooked as my soul."

On starring in her father's films:
"Sometimes I think my father gave me life because he needed a lead actress for his films."