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Born June 5, 1986, Amanda Crew was raised in Langley, British Columbia.  While honing her entertaining skills in acting and singing but with a primary focus on dancing, Amanda also worked a Blockbuster gig while plotting future cinematic glory.

Following completion of her studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2003, Amanda found early success on television – notably on “15/Love,” “Life As We Know It” and “Smallville.” The transition to film came in 2006 with “Final Destination 3,” her big screen debut. That same year she co-starred in the Amanda Bynes vehicle “She’s the Man” and became a series regular on “The Whistler.” She took a more prominent role in “Sex Drive” and looks to up her billing in the future, as she assumes the lead in the spring 2009 horror film “The Haunting in Connecticut.”

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Amanda on the Web

Amanda’s ultimate web resource guide.

Short bio with tidbits on Amanda’s career and life.

Amanda on Video

Chuck the Movie Guy Interview
Amanda and Josh Zuckerman discuss making “Sex Drive.”

“Final Destination 3”
Snippets of Amanda in “Final Destination 3.”

Amanda on the Screen

She’s Tanis McTaggart on “15/Love,” Polly Brewer on a few episodes of “Life As We Know It,” Kimberly in the TV movie “Meltdown,” Julie in “Final Destination 3,” Kia in “She’s the Man,” Carrie Miller on “The Whistler,” Marie in “That One Night,” Felicia in “Sex Drive,” and Wendy in “The Haunting in Connecticut.”

Amanda Says

On high school:
“I was so insecure! I was the hugest insecure loser ever! I tried to hang out with the popular groups to be cool, because that's what you're supposed to do, but I felt so uncomfortable. I felt that way, probably, until grade twelve when I kind of came into my own.”

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