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If you do not know where to start, these would be good jumping off points. The bottom line for most of these is to look very carefully at EVERYTHING: especially location, and qualifications. Some of these websites require you to click around a little more and some require you to be very specific to find the information you need. However, these websites are all very good in their own special way.

This is the Father Adam of all websites. It is literally a monster. This site divides states into geographic regions and then lumps them all together. This site is good if you have a wide variety of skills or just want to see what is available in the region. This site also has specialized websites for jobs in the healthcare industry, hourly and skilled jobs, entry level jobs and jobs for college graduates, volunteer opportunities, government jobs, and jobs for minority individuals and persons with disabilities. This site also allows you to contact employers. (This site requires free registration to access all services.)

Yahoo! HotJobs
Yahoo!’s contribution to the job market was actually my favorite out of all the general career sites I looked at. On the start page of the website, you can search for jobs by keywords and city and state. If you live in a metropolitan area, this site will automatically search for jobs in surrounding suburbs and then allow you to further sort your jobs by job type and name of suburb. This site is very good for the Jobseeker that knows exactly what he wants, or has very specific parameters for what he needs. This site may require you to sign in with a Yahoo! Id. However, during the time I used the site to search and make contact with employers, one was not needed.

Spherion Career Center
Spherion is different than other websites out there because Spherion also has a face-to-face career center. Their website advertises that they “will be their every step of the way.” Spherion provides a large database for metropolitan cities, however in smaller or less remote areas such as Hawaii where I am based only one job was found in the whole state; however two career center offices were found in Honolulu, so if you want a friendly face to guide you along the way, this may be the place to go.

CoolWorks is a “cool” place that allows you to search for seasonal jobs in places like our National Park System, as well as state parks, summer camps, ski resorts, ranches, amusement parks, and jobs that require water skills. This site also includes options to allow you to search for volunteer work and internships, and jobs that are for teenagers only, and includes the links to individual camps and parks.

Career Builder
CareerBuilder lists options for everyone. A sample search in Hawaii yielded nearly 1800 jobs posted in the last thirty days. However, this is one of those tricky ones that I was talking about earlier. Some companies that want to advertise nationally will list their jobs in all fifty states; therefore a lot of the jobs will be for jobs that allow you to “work from home,” or “Management Trainee jobs.” Uniquely though, this site allows you to sort through jobs by State, city, suburb, or pay.

America’s Job Bank
This site is a cooperative partnership between state and private sector organizations and the United States Department of Labor. It provides multiple ways of searching, a wide variety of jobs in all areas of the United States, including the rural Midwestern regions and multiple help services such as assistance with cover letters, resumes, and interview tips. This site also provides names and addresses of local employment agencies.

Professional Journey
With the tight job market, you can get excellent ideas and career advice from career blogs like this one. You can also follow this blog on Twitter @career_tips.

JobBank USA
This site boasts “the internet’s largest job opening databases.” Sadly, it only listed 235 jobs in the entire state of Hawaii. Provides sample cover letters, and sample resumes that could be tailored to your needs. This site also provides links to other specialty job databases for Fortune 500 companies, jobs with the federal government, and recruiter websites.

Direct Employers
Although this site is simply designed, it offers many job options that the other sites did not. This site is designed as a job cooperative, which means that you will be “directly linked,” (hence the name) to the website of the company offering the job. This is different than most sites, which only allow inquiring through their service.

Wall Street Journal - Careers
This excellent business publication has a great section devoted to careers with helpful articles, news and advice.

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