Three mistakes to avoid when travelling by train


Sit more comfortably with a better view – and quieter too. if you want to enjoy your train journey, you should look carefully when booking. Of course, not every disruption can be avoided as it is often not in your hands, but excellent planning alongside with sufficient preparation can help to make every journey as relaxing as possible.

Not booking in advance

Similar to any other means of transport, such as planes or busses, it is often more expensive to buy tickets just before you are leaving. The general rule for saving money when booking tickets is to buy your tickets as early as possible. This way you can find cheap offers, which will save you a lot of money, especially on busy services. Additionally, it can be beneficial if you are flexible with your dates of travel and avoid peek hours and days. Furthermore, not choosing the fastest service to your desired destination and selecting a more scenic route can lead to more enjoyment, as well as a cheaper ticket.

Not reserving seats

Especially on rather busy routes and train services it is not uncommon that passengers are forced to stand as all seats are occupied. When travelling with the whole family, including kids and elderly people, travelling can quickly become a challenge and result in exhaustion and frustration. To avoid this, you can make a seat reservation when booking your train. This is an easy process, and the service is usually free of charge as well. This will also help service providers like ThamesLink to determine whether extra carriages are needed. This is essential on busy services like the train from East Croydon to Purley and helps to reduce the number of delays and other disruptions.

Not being prepared on the day of travel

On the actual day of your travel, it is crucial to be prepared accordingly. You should make sure to check things like traffic, weather conditions and any possible delays. Make sure to arrive at the train station in time and set off early enough to account for high traffic and accidents, which may block your direct way to the train station. If you need to change trains on your journey, make sure to keep updated by downloading an app or checking on the websites of the relevant train service providers, as well as listening out for any announcements in the train or at the train stations.


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