How to Make Your Bedroom Look High-End on a Low Budget



We all want our bedrooms to look high-end and impressive. But very few of us have the money to do it, without going into debt. Trust us when we say that a pile of credit card bills on the table can ruin the look of any room

You can build a champagne room on a beer budget. You simply have to be more strategic and creative in how you spend the money that you do have.

Here is a look at how to get that luxurious look without breaking the bank.

Start With the Walls

There is one universal truth in the world of home improvement: A new paint job will almost always give you the best high-impact to low-cost ratio.

If you’re trying to sell a home, the return-on-investment on paint is usually about 107%. The returns are considerably better if you do the actual painting yourself.

Paint allows you to simply refresh a bedroom’s appearance, or completely change the room’s look and feel. The choice is yours, but choose carefully.

Never choose style over sleep. Some colours may look great on the walls (or in swatches), but they will actually hurt your ability to fall asleep. Try to avoid purple, as it has been linked to vivid nightmares. Also keep in mind that red is versatile, but it can also increase your heart rate.

Your best bet is to go with muted and subtle shades of green, blue, gray, or even yellow.

Buy Your Bed and Mattress Online

The days of having to spend thousands of dollars on a new bed and mattress at a major department store are over!

Fortunately, you can now improve the quality of your sleep and revamp the look of your room for far less than you may be expecting. Shop online and buy directly from the manufacturer and you can save a fortune.

Take the money that you saved on the bed and spend it on discounted and designer bedding and pillows at stores like HomeSense (or their sister stores, Winners and Marshalls). Now you’ve completely updated your bed for less than the mattress would have cost you at a retail store.

Make HomeSense Your Home Base

Speaking of HomeSense, this store can be invaluable when you’re furnishing and decorating your new bedroom.

They offer discounted prices on designer brands for pretty much everything you will need. You could easily decorate your entire bedroom using the steals you find in this store.

The downside is that their inventory is unpredictable and turns over quickly. If you go there for something specific (i.e. “I need charcoal brown bed sheets”), you may or may not find what you’re looking for.

If you see an antique-looking globe that would look perfect on the desk, buy it. Never assume that you can come back later in a week to get it if you change your mind. Odds are good that it will be gone.

Be Patient Online

We have already covered how much money you can save by buying your bed online. The same can be said for just about everything else in the bedroom.

However, you need to be patient and strategic. Sites like Wayfair and Overstock are amazing resources. Bookmark them and check them daily. However, like HomeSense, their inventory can be unpredictable. This is why patience is key. They may not have the piece you’re looking for today, but that could change tomorrow.

Any time you’re shopping online, you need to remember that you could save a lot of money on shipping if you’re patient and you can wait a few weeks for this item.

Take a Stand Against Boring Nightstands

Too many of us treat the nightstand as an afterthought. It is merely the place we put our phone, our book, and a good lamp. It’s time to make it so much more.

Your nightstands can easily be statement pieces in the bedroom. Choose something bold and exciting, while remembering to keep them clear of partially read books or partially drank water bottles.

You may have noticed a theme in most of these suggestions. If you want a less-than-traditional bedroom, you need to stop looking in traditional department stores. Be strategic, patient and savvy when shopping online and you can get that high-end look you’re looking for.

Most of the high-wow/ low-cost deals that you’re looking for are online. So go get them!


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