Winning at Lottery Betting: What are the chances?


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Are you feeling lucky? If you’ve ever pondered if there is a better way of winning a jackpot than buying a lottery ticket, this article is just for you. Millions of people each year invest in one or more lottery tickets in hopes of becoming a millionaire. The optimism and excitement associated with the lottery system are unparalleled. It’s easy to dream about winning the lottery and what you would do if you were a millionaire, but actually winning it is another story. Truth be told, you are a lot more likely to be struck by lightning or be in an automobile accident than you are to win a lottery.

To help you get a clear picture, let us consider the chances of winning the Mega Millions Lottery:
Imagine you are to fill out the forms representing each of the possible six-number combinations that you could choose. Then you take those forms and stack them up. There would be almost 259 million of these forms, and stacking up, they would measure about 12 miles. That is approximately twice the height of Mount Everest. If you now blindly reach in and grab one of the cards from this stack, those are the chances that your form gets picked. Your chances of winning the Mega Millions Lottery on buying one ticket is 0.00000000386 %. It is also worth mentioning that the number of people playing the lottery does not affect your odds of winning at all. However, as the number of people playing the lottery increases, so does the pay-out.

If these statistics seem upsetting and you’re thinking to yourself There has to be a way to improve the odds stacked against me, this is where lottery betting comes to the rescue. Lottery betting is essentially a form of online gambling where you make a bet on the results of the official lottery draw. More specifically, you make a guess on what numbers will be drawn in the official lottery. If you pick the numbers drawn in the lottery, you win the cash prizes!

The amount you receive as the prize depends on the number of balls (numbers) you are able to guess accurately. Prizes offered by most lottery betting companies are in the same range as the prizes won for a traditional lottery. Although, betting on lottery numbers online has some remarkable advantages over buying a regular ticket at your local store. What is the prize amount I receive if I win? Most lotto betting platforms will have prizes in the same tier as that offered by the original lottery conducting organization.

For example, if you bet on a lottery, like the US Powerball, and you guess five numbers not including the powerball correctly, you earn the second tier prize which is $1 million. The online lotto betting operators would then pay you the same (or approximately the same) amount of money. How can the online operators pay jackpot amounts this high? Most online lotto betting operators work on one or the other insurance model. This means that each bet the user makes is insured. Smaller amounts are paid directly from the money gained from the sale of tickets. Higher jackpot wins are covered by the aforementioned insurance model.

Why not just buy a lottery ticket? The offers put forward by online operators for betting on lottery tickets are considerably different from the conventional lottery system.

Here are a few advantages of betting on lottery numbers online:

1. No need for physical tickets

Online operators never sell physical tickets as the entire procedure is carried out efficiently online. You can bet on numbers from the comfort of your home, or when you are on the go with your phone. Never again do you have to worry about winning a prize and missing the pay-out because you didn’t check the ticket or lost it. The dynamic platform provided by online operators ensures that you get your jackpot amount directly into your account.

2. Bet on lotteries from all over the world

When you bet on lottery numbers online, a single platform integrates all major lotteries in the world. You can gather data, and choose to bet on any one of these numerous options without leaving your couch.

3. Extra features

To increase your odds of winning, almost all major online lottery betting platforms provide features like a double jackpot, free bets and other special offers. Sometimes they even pay out a higher amount than the official lottery. You can also win from scratch cards and avail exclusive discounts.

This betting is a lucrative option that works on similar principles as a traditional lottery system. However, with increased odds and convenient processing, it makes for a worthwhile way of investing your money. The risk associated with betting is much lower as compared to buying a physical lotto ticket. And you might even win a jackpot with an amount higher than a lottery! If you go in with a mindset of having fun and taking a chance, you are guaranteed to win no matter what numbers you choose.


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