7 Ways to Keep Your Wardrobe Up-to-Date


What does your style say about you? Does it say that you’re up-to-date with the latest trends? Or would it suggest that your wardrobe needs an update?

Over the years we all find clothes that become are go-tos. They’re the staple pieces of our personal style. But things can get stale if you don’t keep your wardrobe fresh.

It’s not a good idea to ignore fashion even if you never follow trends. Doing so can make you look behind the times and older than you actually are. That’s never a good thing in the office or on the social scene.

Use these tips to give your closet an update without purchasing an entirely new wardrobe.

Start by Clearing Out Your Closet

The first step to refreshing your wardrobe is clearing out the old clutter. At least once a year, go through your closet with an editing eye. If an item of clothing hasn’t been worn in the last year, consider giving it away or donating it.

While you’re taking stock of your closet, make a list of the what you’d like to add to your wardrobe.

Forget the Hard Lines Between Athletic Clothing and Everyday Attire

There’s one trend just about everyone can get behind. Atheleisure has taken the country by storm. Around the nation, men and women are trading in their blue jeans for joggers and leggings that are just as stylish and even more comfortable.

Everyday attire is also borrowing elements from athletic wear. You can now find high-quality men’s performance clothing that can handle a workout but are designed for the office. The fabrics wick away moisture and resist wrinkles no matter how long you wear them.

So go ahead, dress up your gym clothes for a day of running errands or meeting friends for lunch.

Buy a Few New Pieces Each Season

There’s no need to completely replace your wardrobe each season. As long as you buy a few key pieces you can keep your closet looking fresh. Each spring and fall invest in:

• One piece of outerwear
• Staple article of clothing – shirt, slacks, dress, etc.
• One pair of shoes

With these three items, you can look up-to-date from head-to-toe without spending a fortune. Have more money in the budget for your wardrobe? Then move on to the next tip.

Use Accessories to Look Fresh

Another easy way to update an outfit is with accessories. If you stick to classic cuts and styles with your clothing you can use accessories to add an infusion of freshness. With a few on-trend accessories a little black dress or basic three-piece suit can look like it just came out of a display window.

Get Crafty

Old items can be refreshed with a little bit of creativity. One visit to Michael’s will tell you there are a lot of ways to alter an outfit. Instead of dropping major cash on the flashy denim seen at the Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week, you can use metallic fabric paints and hand-tools to add your own touch of glam to jeans.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your own couture clothing. Need a little inspiration or guidance tapping into your inner designer? Check out this list of DIY updates from Buzzfeed.

Dress for Comfort

No matter when you buy your clothes, fit and comfort are key to looking your best. Clothes should fit comfortably yet be tailored to conform to your contours. Each season try on your favorite clothes and set aside items that need to be taken in or let out. Getting items dry cleaned and pressed can also help give them new life.

Dress With Confidence

No matter what trends are in fashion, confidence is always in style. When a person feels confident in their own skin and what they’re wearing they carry themselves in a way that demands attention.

For that reason, it’s okay not to follow every trend. Staying true to your personal style and dressing for your body will guarantee you always look your best.


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