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Gwen Stefani

As the bubbly and punked-out lead singer of the band No Doubt, the incredibly sexy Gwen Stefani has struck a sexual chord with nearly every male in the world. We don’t know if it’s her girlish good looks or her wild personality, but Gwen is definitely a girl we would all like to spend a little more time with. She’s got a rockin’ set of lungs to complete the entire package that even fans of other musicals genres wouldn’t mind sitting back and listening to on a sunny afternoon. Born in October of 1969 in Orange County, California, Gwen’s musical tastes were highly influenced by the sudden boom of ska and punk music in the Southern California area. In 1987, Gwen (along with her brother Eric and friend John Spence) started the band No Doubt and within weeks recruited bassist Tony Kanal to play at local parties. The fun didn’t last very long though, when John Spence committed suicide and the future of the band was put into a temporary hiatus until Gwen mustered up the courage to take over lead vocals. The young singer graduated from high school and finished her studies at Cal State Fullerton College, but the band was always her number one priority and she had thrust herself into a long-term relationship with fellow band mate Tony Kanal. In 1989, two new members joined No Doubt, guitarist Tom Dumont and drummer Adrian Young, and after attracting a huge fan base through incredible live performances, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist, Flea, recorded a demo of the band that led to their eventual signing with the Interscope label.

After nearly ten years as a band and only minimal success with their first record, “No Doubt” surprised the entire musical world with the 1995 disc, “Tragic Kingdom,” an amazing collection that ingeniously blended pop-rock with the New Orleans brass sound of upbeat jazz. Eric Stefani’s name would only be found in the writing credits on this release although after he accepted an animation job on “The Simpsons” to replace his sub-par music career. The band’s sudden success may not be entirely credited to Gwen, but it was her sexual and energetic appeal that sky-rocketed No Doubt as a marketable group and it was her face that made the covers of magazines. The album went on to become number one on Billboard and garnered two Grammy nominations for the group and after touring for several years, the band headed back into the studios. Now a musical powerhouse and a mainstream promoter of the ska genre, No Doubt released four more albums in as many years and has quickly become one of the most influential bands of the late 90’s. Gwen had been romantically involved with Bush front man Gavin Rossdale for years and the pair were finally married in late 2002. Some might say that Gwen Stefani should be modest about her supposed good looks, but you only need look to Maxim for the answer; the men’s magazine ranked her as one of 2002’s “Sexiest Women in the World” and was also showcased on People’s 2004 list of the “50 Most Beautiful People.”

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Headlining the band No Doubt isn’t an easy feat and after enjoying only minimal success with their self-titled album in 1992, the band didn’t hit it big for three years until they released the critically-acclaimed “Tragic Kingdom,” featuring hits like “I’m Just a Girl” and “Spiderwebs.” Gwen and company spent the next five years on tour and perfecting their next album, “Return to Saturn,” and while the third disc never lived up to its expectations, Gwen continued to rise as a bubbly artist, joining in on tracks for both Moby and Eve before heading back to the studio the next year. 2001 brought the equally popular “Rock Steady,” and a singles collection quickly followed, along with “Everything in Time,” a 2004 disc filled with b-sides, rarities and remixes from previous years.

Gwen has attempted to go solo and her debut album, “Love. Angel. Music. Baby” is doing pretty good on the charts, though I feel a little bit of animosity between fans of No Doubt who feel cheated with her departure. A solo career isn’t the only big change for Gwen this year either. She more recently attempt to cross over into film with a small role in Martin Scorcese’s Oscar-powerhouse, “The Aviator.” Gwen’s personal clothing label, L.A.M.B, was also just displayed at a fashion show this past Spring and is now available to purchase.

Gwen Says

On looking cool:
“I think I’ve been able to fool a lot of people because I know I’m a dork. I’m a geek.”