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Wine Reviews: Review of Torres Sangre de Toro
A little vino...and a free toy!
by: Vino Joe (e-mail

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You may have heard the phrase “bull in a china shop,” but have you ever witnessed a bull in a wine shop? While walking along the aisles of my local store, I was stopped dead in my tracks by a bull! Having left my home without a proper red cape, I was terrified of being gored. Luckily, the bull was only an inch tall and tethered to the neck of a wine bottle, so my fears were a bit extreme. It was just a plastic bull, like a kid’s toy, and after imagining the hours and hours of fun that could be had, I purchased the bottle (hey, I was poor and didn’t have many toys growing up!).

Pick up a bottle of Torres Sangre de Toro and you too can pretend you’re a chick-laden matador, the hero of your small Spanish town. Flick a red napkin back and forth in front of the plastic bull, lulling him into a catatonic state, then pierce him valiantly with your dinner fork! Take a bow and pour yourself a glass of Sangre de Toro -- the “blood of the bull” -- as your well-deserved reward. Buy several bottles and you can play this game over and over, or make up new games -- you are limited only by your imagination!

After you’ve finished playing with, and/or molesting the plastic bull, you can sit down and enjoy this manly red wine with your meat and potatoes. It has a vinous, open, rustic nose with hints of green fruit, earth and licorice. In the mouth it is equally open, tasting of young blackberries and hints of black pepper and earth that give it a rough, rustic appeal. The wine is held together with a good level of acidity and very mild tannins, and all elements are in complete balance. Overall this is a pleasantly simple, no-nonsense wine that is enjoyable all by itself yet will match well with a wide variety of foods. I successfully matched it with a grilled Portobello sandwich, and surmise it will be just as good with burgers, meatloaf, sausage and similarly simple fare. You’ll find this a nice retreat from increasingly expensive Cotes-du-Rhones. 

For less than nine bucks, how can you go wrong? Even if you don’t like the wine, you still get the little plastic bull to play with!

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