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Joe Navarro spent over twenty-five years with the FBI, working both as an agent and as a supervisor in the area of counterintelligence and counter terrorism. Through his work, he has become one of the foremost authorities on reading the nonverbal communications that human beings exhibit when they are lying.

Applying his expertise to poker, Joe is revolutionizing the science of detecting and interpreting tells, including the subtlest mannerisms that expose the strength or weakness of a player's hand. Whether a poker novice or a hardened veteran on the professional poker circuit, Joe Navarro will help you see inside your opponent and change the way you view the game.

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On top of continuing to learn about the game of poker, Navarro does several interviews with various media outlets on how to spot “tells” at the table.


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Joe Says

How he uses his FBI training at the poker table:

“One of the things I’ve observed is that people who are very comfortable and are committed to something, their hands tend to move forward; they tend to be more expressive. Often you can see people are going to bet because their hands are so far into the table. It’s almost as though the table is seducing them into playing. So that’s useful for the player to see.”

On how long he’s been playing poker:

“Really, just for the past year. And to tell you the truth, I only look at it as an opportunity to observe – as my own little laboratory. My father brought me up in a home where we weren’t allowed to gamble, and so the gambling aspect doesn’t interest me particularly. I play only as much as I need to make observations. I always want to get close enough to watch things like pupil-dilation and constriction and the wings of the nose to see how they dilate and how this affects the outcome of the hand. It’s tough to see that when you’re ten feet away, you have to be playing. But it’s how I conduct my research.”

On how often he can spot a tell:

“This will come as a surprise to most, but I spot them all the time on TV. In fact, television has made my job really easy. With few exceptions, most people have very obvious tells, if you know what to look for. When sitting around with friends, I sometimes find myself yelling at the television set, "Can you believe what he is doing?"