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If you are a sports betting enthusiast or professional sports bettor, you will have a natural inclination to keep yourself informed about what is happening in the sports world. Not only will you browse the internet for information, but you will also have a newspaper subscription, probably many of them. If you do, and if you regularly follow sports betting news, you will know how the March Madness this year has been a disaster for many people. There were a number of surprising fallouts this year, with high odd favorite teams doing poorly in games where they were widely expected to do well. This has led to disappointing brackets, and a lot of bettors have lost easy money betting on hedge bet favorite teams.

People, as usual, made the mistake of assuming that the number one seed would win the championship, or at least make it to the final four bracket. But only nine number one seeds have ever won the championship ever since seeding started in 1979, and only once, in 2008, did all four seeds make it to the final four bracket. People who made this miscalculation lost money, again proving how disastrous this year’s March Madness was, and how chancy the game of sports betting is.

People love upsets; upsets make the game and the betting interesting. But people hardly know how to predict upset teams and upset matches. This year was no exception. Regularly touted upset teams upset bettors by not upsetting anything, and people who thought they had a smart bet on an unknown irregular ended up losing an irregularly large amount of money.

All this just goes to show you can never be too careful with your March Madness betting. Even if you plot your strategies carefully, and gather all sorts of relevant data on teams you are betting on, you may just end up losing money if things don’t go as planned.

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