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Tucker Max, The Tucker Max Stories, Belligerence & Debauchery, drunk stories
The Tucker Max Stories 
Belligerence & Debauchery

  • Tucker is a pimp (04/25/2005)
    Even though he showed up to recent party looking like an out-of-work Macaroni Grill waiter in jeans and flip-flops, Tucker Max still hit it off with the ladies. Of course, his main competition was business analysts and computer consultants, which made Tucker look like the "alluring bad boy."
  • Tucker goes three-minute dating, hilarity ensues (04/12/2005)
    A chance to talk to 30 different women about himself, crack some jokes, drop a couple insults and move on to the next girl? Three-minute dating may just be the ideal forum for Tucker Max, the perfect way to avoid the consequences of his charm and wit.
  • The night we almost died (02/22/2005)
    There are fun nights, there are crazy nights, and then there are those nights that make men legends. Tucker had one of those legendary nights when he and his buddies upset a bunch of locals at a redneck bar.
  • The Marley stories (02/08/2005)
    Tucker learned a valuable life lesson when he took care of a friend's dog for a month: chicks dig cute and cuddly puppies. He also learned that dogs will piss all over your laundry if you leave them cooped up in your apartment for 18 hours.
  • The time I got arrested at O'Hare (01/24/2005)
    When he was a 170-pound college freshman, Tucker had the crap kicked out of him by several Chicago policemen before being thrown into a holding cell at O'Hare Airport. The worst part about it was Tucker had no idea why.
  • That was me (01/06/2005)
    The guy who used a three-year-old child to sneak a Camelbak full of vodka into last November's Cal/Stanford football game was the same guy who was later escorted out of his seat by four campus cops in the first quarter. Who was that drunk man? Tucker Max, of course.
  • The pee blame (11/09/2004)
    Two months after ridiculing a drunk girl for peeing in his bed, Tucker had his own nocturnal accident. Find out who Tucker ended up blaming for the mess and why he had to “fake it” for the first time in his life.
  • Tucker comes home to a surprise (10/25/2004)
    Tucker's done a lot of things while he's been drunk, like throwing up on his dog, but he's never peed in his bed. Unfortunately, someone else recently accomplished that feat for him, and he's got the disturbing photographic evidence to prove it.
  • Girl determined to have Tucker (10/19/2004)
    One night, Tucker was led to believe he was so attractive that he was enrapturing even to women he didn’t know. Turns out he's just enrapturing to women who are looking for a way to get back at their boyfriends.
  • Tucker goes to a celebrity party (10/04/2004)
    Tucker was excited to go to his first celebrity party in LA, a shin-dig hosted by Red Bull. Unfortunately, the party was rather thin in the "celebrity" department, considering Tucker was one of the most famous people in the room even though nobody recognized him.
  • Tucker ruins a wine tasting (09/27/2004)
    Throwing Tucker in a room with a bunch of pompous idiots at a wine tasting is a bad idea, but the night took a positive turn when Tucker met a hot lesbian who talked with him about porn, threesomes and dildos.
  • Tucker goes to hockey game, causes trouble (09/20/2004)
    Booze, booze and more booze. A professional hockey game. A chance to go out on the ice and shoot pucks at the team mascot. These were the ingredients that led to Tucker’s latest adventure and got him kicked out of the arena.
  • The UT weekend (09/13/2004)
    Find out what happens when Tucker mixes a liter of Everclear, a quart of Gatorade and a can of Red Bull – known as the “Tucker Death Mix” – with a Tennessee-Miami football game during Homecoming weekend.
  • Tucker bangs fat girl, hilarity ensues (08/30/2004)
    We've all done it. We've all accidentally hooked up with a fat girl. Very few of us, however, have hooked up with a fat girl on purpose. Well...Tucker has, and afterwards he threw her clothes out of his bedroom window.

  • The Absinthe Donuts story (08/23/2004)
    A night of drinking absinthe, which Tucker calls devil juice brewed from the urine of Lucifer, led to another hilarious story filled with club hook-ups, window pickle races and parking a car inside of a donut shop.

  • My 21st birthday (08/17/2004)
    Like most of us, Tucker's 21st birthday was a drunken disaster, a night that included several rounds of shots, plenty of vomiting and, to cap everything off, swearing at his mom on the phone before he passed out.

  • The famous "sushi pants" story (07/29/2004)
    Tucker used to think that Red Bull was the most destructive invention of the past 50 years. He was wrong. In his first story for Bullz-Eye, Tucker tells why Red Bull has been usurped by the portable alcohol breathalyzer.

Tucker Max graduated summa cum laude from the University of Chicago in three years, received an academic scholarship to Duke Law School, and graduated from there in 2001. So what did he do with all this education? Help the indigent? Feed the starving? Conquer corporate America?

He quit his job, got drunk every day, slept with any woman who would consent, regularly made an ass out of himself, then wrote about his adventures and posted them on the internet for the whole world to see.

And we are very grateful he did. 

There isn't much good content on the vast expanse of the internet, and along with, we think Tucker's stuff is right up there at the top. We will be printing a Tucker Max Story every other week for your entertainment. And if you are too obsessive to wait till next week, you can read his entire story archive at his site,


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