Vanessa Kay, Man Show Juggie

Vanessa Kay: Life as a Juggie

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Through the years, has had the pleasure of photographing many of the beautiful Juggies from "The Man Show," including the amazing Vanessa Kay. In connection with the DVD release of “The Man Show: Season 3,” we were able to catch up with Vanessa for an interview.

“It’s the best show I ever worked on. I was basically paid to hang out with my friends.” That’s Vanessa Kay’s description of her time as one of the beautiful Juggies on “The Man Show” and it certainly comes across when you watch this hilarious show. The atmosphere on the show usually looked like a wild frat party, and Vanessa explained that she and the other Juggies had free reign to “goof off and act stupid, even during the commercial breaks.” The scenes of Vanessa and the other Juggies working the crowd certainly stood as one of the best features of the show.

When asked if any of the wild skits were too racy or gross for her, she said that nothing really bothered her. She did, however, remember a skit that involved a 300-pound guy and the Wheel of Destiny. At one point he had to sit on an audience member’s face, and Vanessa admits that she “almost got sick for that one.”

It’s hard for Vanessa to pick her favorite show. “We had such a great time each week that none of them really stand out.” They worked for six months doing one show per week and then had six months off, so she loved the schedule. The cast and crew got along really well and just enjoyed all the craziness.

Vanessa has fond memories of the show and still keeps in touch with many of the cast members, including Adam and Jimmy. She sees Jimmy sometimes on the set of his new show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and she’ll occasionally talk with Adam by phone. She also gets together at least once per month with some of the other Juggies for dinner. While Vanessa said the show was a blast, she said she’s “ready to move on” with her career. She’s still living in LA and she’s written three shows that she’s pitching. Vanessa is also doing lots of modeling, so hopefully we can convince her to do another shoot for!