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Fall Television Shows, Fall TV, Fall premieres, new TV shows
Fall TV Preview:
Like summer, but way better
By: John Paulsen

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The summer TV season wasn't too bad, with the extraordinary "Rescue Me" season, the finale of "Six Feet Under," an improved "Entourage," the powerful "Over There" and the consistently funny "Reno 911." But now it's time for the big boys (and girls) to duke it out. So here are 33 new shows, in order of potential.


"Rome" (HBO) 8/28
Co-produced by HBO and the BBC (who last worked together on the excellent "Band of Brothers" mini-series), "Rome" takes place in 52 BC and illustrates the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. Boasting a hefty budget and excellent production values, this 12-part series is one of the most anticipated of the fall season. Bottom line: A new HBO series? I'm there.

"Prison Break" (Fox) 8/29
A structural engineer gets himself imprisoned so he can break his brother out of prison. The premiere's strong writing and various subplots set up the series for a strong start. Bottom line: I was skeptical at first, but the premiere won me over.

"My Name Is Earl" (NBC) 9/20
The hilarious Jason Lee ("Chasing Amy," "Mall Rats") stars in the title role as an all-around loser that wins $100K in a scratch-off lottery and subsequently loses the ticket after getting hit by a car. Convinced that karma is to blame, he decides to do good things and right the wrongs in his past so he may one day find that winning ticket again. Bottom line: Lee is an underrated comic actor with a great delivery, so I'll be sure to give this unique series the ol' college try.

"Extras" (HBO) 9/25
Ricky Gervais (co-creator and star of "The Office") stars as a bitter actor who is literally stuck in the background of life, both personal and professional. The series will feature a long line of guest stars, including Ben Stiller and Samuel L. Jackson. Bottom line: "The Office" was one of the most brilliant modern sitcoms during its twelve-episode run. The chances that I miss the premiere of "Extras" – barring catastrophe – are less than zero.

At least watch the premiere

"Reunion" (Fox) 9/8
Revolving around a murder mystery involving six childhood friends, each episode of the series takes place at a pivotal point in a different year. Matthew St. Patrick ("Six Feet Under") stars as the detective assigned to the case. Bottom line: Worth a quick look – sounds a bit like "St. Elmo's Fire" crossed with "24" without Jack Bauer.

"Bones" (Fox) 9/13
Emily Deschanel ("The Alamo") stars as a forensic anthropologist who can garner evidence from even the most decomposed remains. David Boreanaz ("Angel") plays an FBI agent who utilizes her services and, of course, the two can't get along. Bottom line: All the bickering in the previews is rather annoying and with two CSIs already on my plate, I'm not sure I can handle any more crime-fighting nerds – no matter how hot they are.

"Supernatural" (WB) 9/13
Two brothers travel around America, finding and eliminating the most troublesome ghosts. Their ultimate goal is to track down the evil spirit that killed their parents. Bottom line: I'm a "Smallville" devotee, so I'll give the premiere a look.

"Threshold" (CBS) 9/16
Carla Gugino (last seen bearing her considerable assets as a lesbian parole officer in "Sin City") stars as the leader of a band of eccentric geniuses cobbled together to deal with an alien object that lands in the North Atlantic. Bottom line: After "Sin City" and "Karen Sisco," I'll watch anything with Gugino at least once.

"Surface" (NBC) 9/19
The discovery of a new underwater species brings four oddly matched characters together. The foursome tries to determine if the species really comes from the ocean – or is it from earth at all? Bottom line: Like "Threshold," I'll check out the premiere.

"How I Met Your Mother" (CBS) 9/19
A sitcom told in flashback from the year 2030, a grown-up Ted relates the story of his best friend's engagement and their subsequent hijinks. Bottom line: The show has a fairly strong cast, featuring Jason Segal ("Freaks & Geeks"), Neil Patrick Harris ("Doogie Howser, MD") and Alyson Hannigan ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), so it might be worth a look. I doubt it'll get a second one though.

"Kitchen Confidential" (Fox) 9/19
A celebrity-chef (Bradley Cooper) tries to resurrect his career by assembling a crew to jump-start a fancy New York City restaurant. Sort of like "The Restaurant," only it's a sitcom. Bottom line: I interviewed Cooper a while ago and he seemed like a cool guy, so I'll give it a try.

"Invasion" (ABC) 9/21
Are aliens using natural disasters as cover for an invasion? That's what a conspiracy theorist thinks after strange lights fall into the Florida Everglades during Hurricane Eve. The Hurricane threatens a family already ripped apart by divorce, but the storm might be the least of the family's problems. Bottom line: Trying to parlay the success of last year's "Lost" into another must-watch series, ABC has my attention for at least a few episodes.

"E-Ring" (NBC) 9/21
Benjamin Bratt ("Law & Order") and Dennis Hopper ("Hoosiers") star in this drama about life at the Pentagon. Bottom line: NBC would be wise to follow the formula of "The West Wing." Creator David McKenna (writer of "American History X" and "Blow") gives this project substantial credibility.

"Everybody Hates Chris" (UPN) 9/22
Chris Rock narrates this series, which describes his childhood in a sitcom format. Bottom line: Rock is one of the funniest guys out there, but I wonder if his comedy can withstand the red pen of the censors. I'll tune into the premiere to find out.

"Criminal Minds" (CBS) 9/22
Mandy Patinkin ("Dead Like Me") stars as the troubled leader of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, whose job it is to discover psychological clues to capture serial criminals. Bottom line: This show's premise sounds oddly similar to the recently cancelled "The Inside." Patinkin is good in "Dead Like Me," so I'll be there for the premiere.

"Commander in Chief" (ABC) 9/27
Geena Davis stars as the Vice President (yes, of the United States) who is sworn into office when the President dies. She has the résumé for the job, but everyone – including the President on his deathbed and the Speaker of the House (Donald Sutherland) – wants her to resign. Something tells me she doesn't. Bottom line: "The West Wing" with Thelma – or was it Louise? Regardless, it's worth a try.

"Night Stalker" (ABC) 9/29
A reporter (Stuart Townshend) investigates supernatural killings. Frank Spotnitz ("X-Files") serves as executive producer. Bottom line: If Spotnitz is involved, I'll give it a shot.

If you're bored

"The War at Home" (Fox) 9/11
In this sitcom, Michael Rapaport and Anita Barone star as the parents of three children, each going through a different stage of childhood. Bottom line: I liked Rapaport enough in "Beautiful Girls" to give this vehicle a try, but I'm not expecting much.

"Head Cases" (Fox) 9/14
His life in ruins, a hotshot lawyer (Chris O'Donnell) attempts to resurrect his career by teaming up with another lawyer (Adam Goldberg) who is even worse off. Bottom line: Goldberg isn't enough to make me watch O'Donnell in a legal drama.

"Twins" (WB) 9/16
Two very different twins are supposed to run the lingerie business given to them by their parents. Can the twins get along enough to make it work? Bottom line: Boy, I never thought I'd say "no" to "twins" and "lingerie," but here I am saying "no" to "twins" and "lingerie."

"Just Legal" (WB) 9/19
Jay Baruchel ("Undeclared") plays a 19 year-old whiz kid law graduate that can only get hired by a boozing burnout (Don Johnson). The kid's optimistic view soon rubs off on the grizzled vet. Bottom line: Aside from the hysterical notion that a whiz kid can't get a job at a real law firm, the show's premise isn't very funny. Wait a sec – it's not a comedy. I like Baruchel, but I'm not so sure about this vehicle.

"Out of Practice" (CBS) 9/19
A couples counselor tries to appease his family of physicians. Henry Winkler ("Happy Days"), Stockard Channing ("The West Wing") and Jennifer Tilly ("Seed of Chucky") are cast in supporting roles. Bottom line: Steering clear of this one.

"The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" (NBC) 9/21
This one's fairly self-explanatory. Bottom line: I gave up reality TV years ago. Good luck, Martha. Like you need it.

"Love, Inc." (UPN) 9/22
Love, Inc. is a business that sends "wingmen" and "wingwomen" into the fields to help their clients find love. The show revolves around three women who work at the company. Bottom line: This series might be the definition of "not my thing."

"Ghost Whisperer" (CBS) 9/23
Jennifer Love Hewitt plays a newlywed who can see ghosts that need her help resolving leftover issues so they can cross over. Bottom line: I liked this show the first time it premiered – as "Medium." I enjoy J-Love as much as the next heterosexual male, but unless she's constantly in various forms of undress, I'm not watching.

"Three Wishes" (NBC) 9/23
This reality show features music star Amy Grant as her team of wish-fulfillers makes dreams come true. Bottom line: Sounds like "Extreme Makover: Home Edition" to me. I'm all for the charity, but please don't give Grant a megaphone.

"Killer Instinct" (Fox) 9/23
Johnny Messner ("The O.C.") plays the leader of San Francisco's Deviant Crime Unit. He continues to mourn the death of his female partner as he takes on a new one (Kristin Lehman). Bottom line: Sounds a lot like "The Inside" and "Touching Evil." Does the world really need another show about a troubled cop?

"Inconceivable" (NBC) 9/23
Rachel Lu ("ER") stars as a single-mom therapist who works at a fertility clinic that she co-founded. Along the way, she battles the smug doctors who also work at the clinic on a multitude of issues. Bottom line: The world is overpopulated as it is.

"Sex, Love & Secrets" (UPN) 9/27
Trying to capitalize on the success of "The O.C.," this modern-day "Melrose Place" takes place in the off-Hollywood city of Silver Lake. Denise Richards serves as eye candy. Bottom line: I can't handle another nighttime soap, especially one brought to us by UPN.

"Close To Home" (CBS) 10/4
Jennifer Finnigan plays an Indianapolis prosecutor whose career is off track after she has her first child. Her tough new (female) boss gives her grief about it. Bottom line: A legal drama set in Indianapolis? I'm totally not there!

"Freddie" (ABC) 10/5
Freddie Prinze, Jr. plays a celebrity-chef whose bachelor pad is overrun with his family – all women. Bottom line: Freddie Prinze, Jr. + tons of estrogen = ugh.

"Related" (WB) 10/5
Four disparate sisters are thrown back together when their father announces he's getting remarried. Conflict presumably ensues. Bottom line: The women look hot, so I might watch this one with the sound off.

"Hot Properties" (ABC) 10/7
Members of an all-female real estate team (conveniently named "Hot Properties") talk about sex – and men, love and dating – but mostly just sex. Bottom line: What is it with October and estrogen? The success of "Sex and the City" and "Desperate Housewives" prompted the creation of this series, which promises to be not nearly as good.

All Premiere Dates

Sunday, August 28
9:00 pm - Rome (HBO)

Monday, August 29
8:00 pm - Prison Break (Fox)

Thursday, September 8
8:00 pm - The O.C. (Fox)
9:00 pm - Reunion (Fox)

Saturday, September 10
8:00 pm - Cops (Fox)
9:00 pm - America's Most Wanted (Fox)

Sunday, September 11
8:00 pm - The Simpsons (Fox)
8:30 pm - The War at Home (Fox)
9:00 pm - Family Guy (Fox)
9:30 pm - American Dad (Fox)

Monday, September 12
8:00 pm - Wife Swap (ABC)

Tuesday, September 13
8:00 pm - The Biggest Loser (NBC)
  Bones (Fox)
  Gilmore Girls (WB)
9:00 pm - House (Fox)
  Supernatural (WB)

Wednesday, September 14
9:00 pm - Head Cases (Fox)

Thursday, September 15
8:00 pm - Survivor: Guatemala (CBS)

Friday, September 16
8:00 pm - What I Like About You (WB)
8:30 pm - Twins (WB)
9:00 pm - Reba (WB)
  Threshold (CBS)
9:30 pm - Living With Fran (WB)

Saturday, September 17
11:00 pm - MADtv (Fox)

Sunday, September 18
7:30 pm - King of the Hill (Fox)

Monday, September 19
8:00 pm - Arrested Development (Fox)
  The King of Queens (CBS)
  One on One (UPN)
  7th Heaven (WB)
  Surface (NBC)
8:30 pm - All of Us (UPN)
  How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
  Kitchen Confidential (Fox)
9:00 pm - Girlfriends (UPN)
  Just Legal (WB)
  Las Vegas (NBC)
  Two and a Half Men (CBS)
9:30 pm - Half & Half (UPN)
  Out of Practice (CBS)
10:00 pm - CSI: Miami (CBS)
  Medium (NBC)

Tuesday, September 20
8:00 pm - According to Jim (ABC)
9:00 pm - My Name Is Earl (NBC)
9:30 pm - The Office (NBC)
10:00 pm - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  Nip/Tuck (FX)

Wednesday, September 21
8:00 pm - America's Next Top Model (UPN)
  The Apprentice: Martha Stewart (NBC)
  Still Standing (CBS)
8:30 pm - Yes, Dear (CBS)
9:00 pm - E-Ring (NBC)
  Lost (ABC)
10:00 pm - CSI: NY (CBS)
  Invasion (ABC)
  Law & Order (NBC)

Thursday, September 22
8:00 pm - Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)
  Joey (NBC)
8:30 pm - Eve (UPN)
9:00 pm - The Apprentice (NBC)
  CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS)
  Cuts (UPN)
9:30 pm - Love, Inc. (UPN)
10:00 pm - Criminal Minds (CBS)
  ER (NBC)

Friday, September 23
8:00 pm - The Bernie Mac Show (Fox)
  Dateline NBC (NBC)
  Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  Supernanny (ABC)
8:30 pm - Malcolm in the Middle (Fox)
9:00 pm - Hope & Faith (ABC)
  Killer Instinct (Fox)
  Three Wishes (NBC)
10:00 pm - Inconceivable (NBC)
  Numbers (CBS)

Saturday, September 24
10:00 pm - 48 Hours Mystery (CBS)

Sunday, September 25
7:00 pm - Dateline NBC (NBC)
  Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)
  60 Minutes (CBS)
8:00 pm - Charmed (WB)
  Cold Case (CBS)
  The West Wing (NBC)
9:00 pm - Blue Collar TV (WB)
  Desperate Housewives (ABC)
  Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC)
10:00 pm - Crossing Jordan (NBC)
  Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
  Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
10:30 pm - Extras (HBO)

Thursday, September 27
9:00 pm - The Amazing Race: Family Edition (CBS)
  Commander in Chief (ABC)
  Sex, Love & Secrets (UPN)
10:00 pm - Boston Legal (ABC)

Wednesday, September 28
8:00 pm - George Lopez (ABC)
9:00 pm - Veronica Mars (UPN)

Sunday, September 29
8:00 pm - Alias (ABC)
  Smallville (WB)
8:30 pm - Will & Grace (NBC)
9:00 pm - Everwood (WB)
  Night Stalker (ABC)
10:00 pm - Without a Trace (CBS)

Tuesday, October 4
8:30 pm - Rodney (ABC)
10:00 pm - Close to Home (CBS)

Wednesday, October 5
8:00 pm - One Tree Hill (WB)
8:30 pm - Freddie (ABC)
9:00 pm - Related (WB)

Friday, October 7
9:30 pm - Hot Properties (ABC)

Wednesday, November 2
8:00 pm - That '70s Show (Fox)

Questions or comments? Email John at jpaulsen@bullz-eye.com.




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