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Guys are pretty easy to figure out, so it’s not that hard to put together a variety and sketch show that we’ll enjoy. Get some funny hosts and then add beer, hot chicks with large breasts (the Juggies), girls jumping on trampolines and plenty of sick, over-the-top sketches. Naturally, you’ll need some good writers and producers as well. Finally, you need to put it on a cable network like Comedy Central so the politically correct network censors can’t ruin it.

All of these ingredients came together on “The Man Show,” and it’s apparent that everyone had a damn good time with this show. Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel are perfect hosts. They’re both hilarious and have absolutely no shame. They also look like your typical beer swilling, horny, undersexed guys.

And the guys are on a roll in Season 3, as many of the bits are absolutely hilarious. In “Breast Feeding Juggies,” they sent out Juggy Angylique with a fake baby and a squirting device that gave the impression she was squirting out breast milk at people passing by. In “Sperm Bank,” Adam and Jimmy go head-to-head in a contest to donate sperm. Each of the 26 episodes has similar skits and plenty of laughs.

As for the DVD extras, the best features have to be the Vanessa and Angylique dance segments featuring clip after clip of the hot Juggies doing their thing on the show in tons of different outfits.

Great laughs and hot babes – you’ll definitely like this DVD.

~Gerardo Orlando